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Twenty-Four - Chris Evans X Reader - Part 10
Reader’s POV
The ride to the airport along with the flight to Tulsa was long and nerve wrecking. Karen worried about what would happen when I got there and I hated to fly. Well it’s not that I hate to fly, it’s just I hate the taking off and landing part. I walk out of the terminal and stop dead in my tracks when I see Ang standing next to Tommy at the gate. I furrow my brow in confusion for a moment as I walk over to them. “Hey guys, what’s goin on?” I ask as I near them.
“Nothing much, just waiting for the prettiest girl in the world.” Tommy says a smile filling his lips as he wraps his arms around me.
“Aww, you’re too sweet. A liar, but sweet.” I say making him chuckle. I pull away from him and looking up see that his once shaggy brown hair had been cut short but not too short. His emerald eyes still shone brightly when he smiled. One thing did change though, he was built like a brickhouse. Farming fit h
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Not a Pet - 9 - Meeting A Goddess
His throat was already burning by the time he reached the clearing where she was standing her eyes challenging his every move. They urged him on, challenging him to either give chase or give up. However, giving up was not in him. Gritting his teeth, he stands up tall and forces himself to accept her challenge. With what looked like a smirk she turned and ran from him again. Taking a deep breath, he quickly gave chase behind her.
His mind was racing. What was he to do when he actually caught up with her? She wasn’t herself, she was blinded by primal instinct. As she ran ahead of him he heard the sound of water and his eyes drift from her to the sight of the waterfall a few hundred feet in front of her. The scenery itself was breathtaking. If the circumstances had been different he would have stopped to enjoy the scenery, but now was not the time.
His eyes refocus on the beautiful creature in front of him as she slides to a stop to stare at the water. He sto
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Bucky Barnes X Reader - I Don't Need You
One sentence… just one little sentence was enough to bring my whole happy world crashing down. I had been working at Stark Tower as a liaison between Pepper and the UN, when I was reassigned to ‘Bucky’ duty by Captain America himself. When Bucky first arrived, he was a little unstable and prone to panic attacks, all of which I was able to bring him down from using different methods. As my mission, so to speak, progressed; as did my relationship with Bucky.
At first the two of us were always together. I don’t know whether that was Steve’s plan from the beginning, putting two emotionally unstable individuals together or not, all I know is that it worked. I fell and I fell hard for Bucky. He was broken and damaged just as I was. I hadn’t grown up in the best of circumstances, hell I spent my childhood begging for food in the center of town, but after a kind old man took me in and put me through school and College; I made it my mission to help others.
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Lady Light - Part 5
Earth 616 – Undisclosed Safe House
I stare at the set of clothes the woman Natasha had lain out for me and I cock an eyebrow. “There’s no way I can wear this.” I poke at the black leather pants deep purple halter top and matching black leather jacket.
“Sorry, it’s all I have at the moment.” Natasha says as she walks into the room causing me to jump in shock. “That plus the last time I used this safe house Barnes and I were undercover as bikers.”
“Oh?” I say smirking at her as I mentally picture Bucky in a biker outfit. “Not gonna lie, that sounds hot.”
“You sound like Tony,” Natasha replies a smile covering her lips.
“Who’s Tony?” I ask as I reach over and grabbing the pants slide them over my bare legs.
“He’s a friend. Albeit he has some screws loose, he’s a good guy.” She says turning her back to me so I can put the halter top on.
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Twenty-Four ~ Chris Evans X Reader - Part 9
I woke the next morning warm and wrapped lovingly in Chris’s arms. The sunlight was beaming through the curtains making our bodies glow with warmth. I could hear the soft thumping of his heart inside his chest letting me know he was still asleep.  I glance around to see that somehow amidst our many times, we had moved to our old room and our old bed. I look up at Chris’s still sleeping face and smile. I had forgotten how peaceful he looked when he was sleeping. Reaching up I gently touch his beard and bite my lips to keep from laughing. Few men could pull off the whole Lumberjack look; but he did it beautifully.
I cuddle into the crook of his arm as I reach down and grabbing the comforter pull it up over my shoulders. His body warmth mixed with the scent of the room made me remember all the good memories we shared in this room. I was so comfortable I didn’t want to move. I feel him stir next to me and I smile. As his eyes flutter open, I stare at him in awe. I ha
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OUAT X Reader - Wicked Love - Part 15 - End
Reader’s POV
You smile as you place your mug down on the bar in front of you. “I think I’m winning.” You say a playful smirk filling his face.
“Is that what you think Princess,” Killian jokes before he downs the rest of his ale. Since the return of your hatter you used one night a week to go out and spend some time with your now best friend Killian. Of course, what you guys did was always different but it mostly revolved around alcohol. It never turned romantic, which was a good thing considering you were engaged; it was just all buddy, buddy, and jokes.
“Oh that’s what I think Cap.” You say as you wave for the Bartender to bring you another drink.
“I don’t know if you remember but I’m a pirate, I have more Rum in my veins than blood.”
“Oh Cocky, are we?” You joke a smile filling you face. As the bartender places your newly refilled mug down in front of you, you smile and thank them.
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OUAT X Reader - Wicked Love - Part 14
Reader’s POV
You stare out at the open sea before you with a heavy heart. It’d been weeks since you returned to Storybrooke and you couldn’t help but feel out of place. The departure from the enchanted forest and Jefferson still weighed heavy on your mind and heart.
“I was wondering where you were,” You hear a male voice say and you turn to see your father walking toward you. Not Merlin, but the mob boss. As he walks up to stand beside you, you let out a heavy sigh. “I can’t believe you’ve been here all these years.”
“I was just looking for my real home.” You say not looking at him.
“I knew you’d found your real mother when I first came here.” He says making your turn back to stare at him your eyes narrowed. “That woman is scary.” He adds making your chuckle.
“You have no idea.” You add as you glance back behind the two of you to see your father’s usual goons
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OUAT X Reader - Wicked Love - Part 13
Reader’s POV
You stare down at the clear spring as your mind whirls around you. All the memories and feelings of your past trauma’s swirl around you as if they had came to life. You see his reflection in the water causing you to jump with fear filled eyes. “Hey (name), it’s been a awhile.” He says his steel grey eyes staring over at you with a melancholy feeling. He looked exactly like the last time you had seen him. His long wavy sandy hair was pushed behind his ears and he was even wearing the same clothes.
“Sco-Scott?” You say in disbelief as you find your back braced against the nearest tree trunk.
“Hey,” he says a soft smile covering his lips. “Look, you don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m already dead.” He jokes with a chuckle making your eyes narrow at him. “Sorry, that wasn’t funny.”
“No, not at all.” You reply tears stinging your eyes.
“Look (Name), yo
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Fili X Elf!Reader - One shot - Elves and Dwarves
Imagine you’re an elf and you’re lowkey dating Fili when Thorin finds out you overhear him tell Fili to end it.
I smile as I run my fingers through his long golden mane as his head lies propped up on my lap. It was considered taboo for an elf to have feelings for a dwarf but ever since I laid eyes on him in the Mirkwood dungeon I had become his. My father didn’t know that I would sneak away to see Fili and neither did his uncle Thorin. Thorin had made it quite clear after Kili decided to marry my childhood friend Tauriel, that since Fili would be the next King under the mountain, he was to marry a dwarven lady. Fili, however, made it quite clear, to me, that he would love only me.
Looking from him, I glance up at the bright sky, close my eyes, and smile as the sunshine beams down upon my skin. It wouldn’t be long until I had to return to Mirkwood and I didn’t know when I would be able to come see him again. “What are you thinkin
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SuperAvengers - The Other Winchester - Part 31
Bucky’s POV
Bucky sat at the table and watched the altercation (Name) had had with Daisy and Natasha. It was her, the moves she made were the same ones he taught her all those years ago. “You say that she said you weren’t on her list, but Daisy was?” Bucky asks glancing up from monitor.
“That’s what she said.” Natasha replies making his eyes narrow.
“That doesn’t make any sense, why take Steve and not you? You’re just as strong as she is.”
“Maybe it’s not her list per say, maybe it’s a list she was given. Think about it, Sam was supposed to be Lucifer’s vessel, Steve has a super soldier serum in his DNA, and Daisy is an Inhuman.”
“And technically you’re normal.”
“If this was any other situation I might be upset but I’ll let it slide this time.”
“So, we should think about who should be next on her list,” Dean says
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Twenty-Four ~ Chris Evans X Reader - Part 8
Reader’s POV
“Come on you’re gonna keep him waiting!” I hear Karen call out from the living room as I place the finishing touches on my lipstick. Taking one quick glance over my reflection I let out a sigh of relief. I glance down at my watch to see that it was fifteen till seven and I roll my eyes. “I still had time left!”
“No you don’t.” She replies from the living room making me groan in annoyance. As I turn the corner into the living room I spot him standing in the doorway a smile on his lips. “Told ya.” Karen says as she walks past me into the bedroom.
“Hi,” I say as I grip tightly to my cell phone.
“Hi,” He replies a soft smile filling his lips.
“I see you remember Karen,” I say as I thumb my finger back behind me.
“Yeah, she’s great.” He replies as he puts his hands in his pockets. I smile softly as I remember how he used to do th
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Twenty-Four ~ Chris Evans X Reader ~ Part 7
Reader's POV
Days had passed since the premier and I had kept myself busy. I knew I had to keep my promise to start over with Chris but I couldn’t help that nagging feeling that I didn’t deserve him. So I have been nonchalantly avoiding him. As I run through my lines in my trailer I hear a knock on my door and sigh, “Yeah?” I reply and without so much as another word the door opens to reveal Sebastian with a bright smile on his lips as he holds up a bag of fast food.
“I bring food to offer our grouchy nemesis.” He says in his best British accent and I chuckle.
“Oh really, and who pray tell is this grouchy nemesis?” I ask trying out my own British accent what has even me cringing. As if to answer his question my stomach lets out a loud growl making my face blush.
“I do believe she has answered her own question.” Sebastian says as he sets the drink tray and massive food bags down on the kitchen tab
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SuperAvengers - The Other Winchester - Part 30
Dean’s POV
When Dean arrived, he saw the familiar motorcycle sitting out front and let out a sigh of relief. Parking the Impala, he climbs from the driver seat and makes his way inside the bunker. As He descends the stairs he sees Bucky cradling his daughter in his arms as she cried out. “It’s not your fault Beck,” Bucky says as he gently caresses his daughters back.
“She looked right at us and she didn’t even know us. Why would she do that?” Becky cries making Dean’s heart clench.
“Because she isn’t your mom, at least not right now.” Dean says as he looks around the bunker for some sort of clue as to where she was heading next.
“What do you mean?” Becky asks as she pulls herself out of Bucky’s arms to turn and look at Dean.
“I hate to say it, but I think (Name)’s a demon again.” Dean says glancing over at Bucky whose eyes widen before they fill with anger.
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SuperAvengers - The Other Winchester - Part 29
Dean’s POV
Dean stares at the TV showing the events of Sokovia as he sadly swishes the whiskey in his glass. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since his sister had went missing. Everyone had tried everything to find her. Tony had every cctv in the world looking for her, while Natasha and Bucky followed up and any lead they could find. Dean dreaded the thought of what she would be when he found her.
Cas had given her last message to him and it had almost drove him insane. He couldn’t fight the feeling that her missing, and being taken was all because he made her leave her room. If he would have just left her alone she would still be here, with him and their family. Downing his glass in one gulp he motions for the bartender to bring him another.
His phone rings causing him to lift it up to see who was calling. Noticing Nat’s name, he instantly answers it and says, “You find anything?”
“I think so,” She replies making a
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SuperAvengers ~ The Other Winchester - Part 28
Dean’s POV
Dean sits in the waiting room with his brother on one side and a table full of magazines that talked about every type of health problem on the other. It had been about an hour since they first brought (Name) in and they had yet to hear anything. It was wearing his nerves out.
“Hey Nat just sent me a text, she’s on her way. Steve’s gonna stop by the bunker and check on Bucky and Becky.” Sam says sliding his cell phone into his coat pocket.
“Okay,” Dean says as he runs his hands down his face. He still couldn’t fight the feeling that it was his fault.
“She also said that she wants to move her to a secret location, for her own protection.”
“Yeah, Okay.” Dean says through his hands.
“Dean, it’s not your fault.”
“Sammy, not now!” Dean says as he pushes himself from his seat and walks out of the waiting room to the nearest vending machine. As he walked through the ha
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Lady Light - Part 4
Earth 1 – Central City – S.T.A.R. Labs
Barry paced back and forth in front of his suit as he thought about what lie ahead of him. He’d been to a different world before but from what Cisco said this one would be completely different. He was happy that (Name) was still alive but it didn’t make sense. They hadn’t left through a breach so how did they end up on Earth 616?
“You okay Barry?” Joe asks pulling Barry from his thoughts.
“Yeah, just thinking.”
“How did (Name) and The Void end up transported to Earth 616? They didn’t use a breach, and I didn’t know Void or (Name) had that ability. It just doesn’t make any sense.”
“I know what you mean.” Joe says as he walks up beside his son and folds his arms over his chest. “It’s also strange how Void is the only Meta we haven’t found an identity for.”
“Right, Cisco and Caitlin have been
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The beginning 1 :iconcdartcd:CDArtCD 9 7 DBZ - Vegebul Short Comic: AFTERLIFE CH2 PG5 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 48 20 Black Panther VS Winter Soldier :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 175 7 Bucky hairstyles :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 146 15 DBZ - Vegebul Short Comic: AFTERLIFE CH2 PG6 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 59 14 Dr Strange fan art :iconjiuge:jiuge 928 21 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 7 Page 17 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 51 52 DBZ - Vegebul Short Comic: AFTERLIFE CH2 PG1 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 52 11 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 7 Page 16 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 33 37 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 7 Page 15 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 33 35 Laxlu Week :iconcdartcd:CDArtCD 16 6 DBZ - Vegebul Short Comic: AFTERLIFE CH1 PG13 :iconredviolett:RedViolett 74 13 Commission: Baby Steve and Baby Bucky in skirt :iconsilassamle:SilasSamle 77 7 Masquerade :iconcdartcd:CDArtCD 21 8 Dean :iconmorganjfk:MorganJFK 3 1 Cinderella Knight :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,045 383


Reader’s POV

The ride to the airport along with the flight to Tulsa was long and nerve wrecking. Karen worried about what would happen when I got there and I hated to fly. Well it’s not that I hate to fly, it’s just I hate the taking off and landing part. I walk out of the terminal and stop dead in my tracks when I see Ang standing next to Tommy at the gate. I furrow my brow in confusion for a moment as I walk over to them. “Hey guys, what’s goin on?” I ask as I near them.

“Nothing much, just waiting for the prettiest girl in the world.” Tommy says a smile filling his lips as he wraps his arms around me.

“Aww, you’re too sweet. A liar, but sweet.” I say making him chuckle. I pull away from him and looking up see that his once shaggy brown hair had been cut short but not too short. His emerald eyes still shone brightly when he smiled. One thing did change though, he was built like a brickhouse. Farming fit him. I look from him to my little sister to see her long raven hair was pulled back into tight ponytail and as her grey eyes met mine she says, “Tommy told me he was coming to get you, I kinda wanted to talk before we get home.”

“Okay, I guess we have an hour to talk then.” I say as Tommy takes my carryon from me and tosses it over his shoulder.

“Let’s get your bags before someone recognizes you.” Tommy says as he hands me his carhart jacket. “There are some ray bans in the pocket if you want them.”

“You got some cop sunglasses, don’t you? Are you going to arrest me officer?” I ask playfully as I slip them on my face and offer him a smile.

“Wouldn’t you like that.” He says as he holds his arm out for me to take a flirty smirk filling his lips.

“Geez you two,” Angie says a chuckle leaving her lips. “Some things never change.”

“Yeah, this big guy is still a softy.” I say as I lean into his arm.

“You’re the only one who thinks that.” He says and I smile.

“That’s cause we grew up together.”

“Yup, best eighteen years of my life.” He replies and I roll my eyes.

After we grab my bags we head out into the parking lot and load up into Tommy’s Chevy pickup. I claimed shotgun making my little sister sit in the back seat. This, of course, made Tommy laugh. After we leave the airport Tommy turns to me and says, “Hungry?”

“Yes, I need Whataburger. I will pay, just get me a burger.” I say making him chuckle.

“You hungry Ang?” He asks and she nods.

“Yes please.” She answers politely. “I can pay for my own though.”

“That’s alright, it’s my treat.” I reply.

“Are you sure?” She asks and I nod.

“Yeah, you guys spent your own money to get here to pick my ass up it’s the least I can do.”

“You coming home to take care of dad is enough.”

“Speaking of which, what did he say when you told him I was coming.” I ask as I turn to face her.

“Oh, you know, the usual. He yelled and hollered for a while.”

“Seems about right.” I say as I turn back to look out the window.

“(Name), I wanna apologize on Jack’s behalf; he shouldn’t have said the things he did.” Angie says her voice filled with apology.

“It’s okay Ang,”

“No it’s not,” She says and I can tell she’s getting upset. I turn and look at Tommy who meets my gaze and without saying anything I can tell he wants me to listen. “Jack was out of line talking about what happened in New York. Everyone back home knows it’s not your fault about what happened to Emily, and when he…” She pauses and I feel my heart clench at the memory. “When he said what he did about you almost dying, it broke my heart. Someone should have told you about Emily. You shouldn’t have had to bear that burden alone, and then Jack told me about you losing your baby and I lost it.” My eyes widen in shock as I turn around in my seat and I stare wide eyed at her.

“What did he say? Who else did he tell?” I ask as I stare at her in shock.

“Dad knows,” She says and my heart breaks. “Jack was drunk one night and Mom brought you up. She started talking about how they should ask you for money cause dad, Jack, and I couldn’t give her the life she thought she deserved. Jack got mad; and he told them everything about what happened when he went to New York to help you. Mom started using that against dad every time they’d fight. Soon she left and got a boyfriend that started giving her what she wanted. Money. Since then, Dad’s shut everyone out. He was always a grumpy old fart, but now he’s a grumpy asshole.”

“Why didn’t anyone say anything to me?” I ask as I look back and forth between them.

“You were living your life (Name).” Tommy says and I turn to stare at him with tears stinging my eyes. “We didn’t want to ruin the good things you have going in your life by dredging up the past. You don’t deserve that.”

“Does Jack know I’m coming home?” I ask and he nods.

“Jack wants to apologize, although I know nothing he says will ever make up for what he’s done. Especially how he made an ass out of himself in front of your friend.”

“Sebastian let everything he said go in one ear and out the other. Something I wish I could do too.”

“Jack’s been trying though, he got a job working for the city, and he’s been sober since the reunion.” Ang says and I smile softly.

“I’m glad he’s changing for you.” I say making her smile softly back at me.

“He kinda didn’t have a choice. I threatened him.”


“Divorce, and a thorough beat down from yours truly.” Tommy says as he glances back at Angie in the rearview mirror. “You two are family, and I’ll be dammed if I’m gonna let anyone hurt you.”

“Aww, how sweet.” I say making him roll his eyes at me.

“Isn’t he though,” Ang says joining in on our fun. “He’s just so big and bad.”

“Alright you two need to stop fucking with me or no one gets food.”

“Yeah, well that’s only gonna hurt you in the long road Bubba.” I say and he narrows his eyes at the road.

“Don’t do that.” He replies making the two of us laugh.

“Any who, I’m sorry (Name).” Angie says and I let out a sigh.

“Dad was gonna find out sooner than later. Kinda wish he wouldn’t have; but what can you do. I don’t blame you, or Jack even, for what happened. I do blame Martha. No offense but I’ve always hated that woman.”

“None taken, it surprises the hell outta me that I come from her. I mean we’re so completely different.”

“That ain’t no lie,” Tommy adds making me chuckle.

“I guess I must have taken after dad.” She says and I smile. Even though my dad wasn’t her real dad he loved her like she was his own. always giving her what she needed and helping her like a real parent should. Even if in the process, he neglected me. I didn’t blame her for that, in reality I kinda blamed myself. I was just like my mother, an artist at heart. I loved music and before all the shit went down in my past I always sang or played the piano just like my mother. It wasn’t our fault I wanted to be like her and leave Oklahoma and he knew that. Angie just gave him what he really needed, someone like him.

“At least one of us did.” I say making her smile. Turning my attention to the window I look out it to see the fresh snow covering the ground. visions of when I used to play in the snow with Emily fill my mind making my heart clench. Taking a deep breath, I pull my cell phone out to text Karen and let her know I made it okay. Turning Airplane mode off my phone starts to light up with notifications. Groaning in annoyance I set it on the center council and wait for it to stop.

“Does it always do this?” Tommy asks and I shake my head.

“Not usually, but I guess this what I get for trying to take some time off to come home. It’ll shut up in a few.” I say as I run a hand through my hair.

“Karen told me that you’re seeing Chris again.” Tommy says and I grit my teeth. “Sure that’s a good idea?”

“No, not really.”

“Who’s Chris?” Angie asks from the backseat making me furrow my brows as I turn toward her.

“Didn’t Jack tell you?” I ask and she shakes her head.

“No… Should he have?” She asks the confusion filling her face. I turn back to Tommy to see my own expression mirrored on his face.

“You figure he would’ve told her.” Tommy says and I nod.

“Told me what?” She asks and I take a deep breath.

“Chris was the guy I was seeing after Jack and I broke up. The baby I lost, it was his.”

“Oh, my god! What did he say?”

“He doesn’t know.” I say making Tommy swerve to the side of the road as he slams on his brakes. “WHAT THE HELL TOMMY!” I yell out as I brace my hand against the dashboard to keep from hitting it.

“You’re dating him again but he has no idea what you went through, or what happened?” Tommy asks an angry look filling his face.

“He knows most of it, just not about the baby. How can I tell him that I’m responsible for his baby’s death?”

“You’re not responsible for its death (Name), you didn’t even know you were pregnant.”

“Still doesn’t make what I did any better Tommy,” I reply as I lean back into my seat and let out a sigh.

“But It’s not like you did it with the intention of killing your baby.” I hear my sister say from the back seat and I furrow my brow. “If you loved this guy, Chris, enough to not wanna hurt him; then I’m sure you shouldn’t blame yourself. It was an accident. You were distraught with emotions of thinking you were responsible for the death of your best friend so you took to a bottle. If he blames you for what happened he’s not the guy for you.”

“What she said,” Tommy says as he agrees with Angie.

“I know, really; I know it’s not my fault; but that’s never going to kill the feelings I have about it.”

“So, when are you gonna tell him? Now, three weeks from now, when you’re both on your deathbed, When? Cause it’s not fair to him, not to know why you stayed away.” Tommy preaches and I grit my teeth. I knew he was right but I just couldn’t hurt someone so nice. I couldn’t dredge that up. “Karen also told me about that Reporter that stalks you, what are you gonna do when he decides to tell the whole world about what happened; because you know he will if pissed off.”

“Tommy, I know all this. Do you think I don’t go throughout every day with the fear that he’s just gonna post everything online and then the whole world will find out what I’ve been through? I live with that fear every day of my life. I will tell Chris someday, but for now I just wanna get home, take care of the old man, and think things over. Can I just do that, please?” I ask my eyes pleading with him.

“Sorry, I know you’re having a hard time. I don’t mean to make it worse, just frustrated that you keep doing this to yourself.”

“I know, this is why you’re our brother.” I say motioning back and forth between me and Angie.

“I swear you two are the hardest siblings to take care of.” He says making us chuckle.

“Yeah but that’s why you love us.” Angie says as she leans forward and wraps her arms around the back of his seat resting them on his shoulders making him chuckle. As he pulls back out onto the road I reach down and pulling my cell phone up go through all my messages. There were a few from Sebastian, a couple Chris, and one from Karen. Since Karen only sent one I decided to answer her first but right as I was in the middle of replying to her my phone rings with a familiar number and I narrow my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I answer it and say, “What do you want Zeke?”

“When did you start dating Evans?” He asks anger filling his voice.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business. Why?”

“Because there are pictures of the two off you all over the media.”

“So? That’s what happens when celebrities date Zeke.”

“I thought you were with that asshole who threatened me. That Sebastian guy.” Zeke growls and I roll my eyes.

“Sebastian is my best friend, seriously what does nobody get about that?”

“There’s no way you two are just friends. You’re probably sleeping with him behind Chris’s back like you did with me.”

“Oh wow, seriously, you wanna try that bullshit again? Unlike you, I never once cheated. I never have in my entire life nor will I ever. Now, for the last time I would appreciate it if you never called or tried to contact me again. Goodbye.” I say and angrily hit the end call button before letting out an angry growl.

“Why did you ever date him again?” Tommy asks making me shake my head.

“I have no fucking idea. I know one thing though, it was the worst mistake of my life. Fucker is almost as bad as that freaking Reporter.”

“Well you live and you learn.” Angie says and I nod a smirk filling my face.

“Ain’t that the truth.”


After dropping Angie off at her vet clinic, Tommy drives me to the hospital where I sit in the passenger seat and mentally prepare myself for what I was about to witness. “Can I just slit my throat now?” I ask fear filling my body.

“Come on now, he’s not that hard to get along with.” Tommy counters as he opens the driver’s side door.

“Oh yeah, that’s because he likes you!” I yell out before he closes his door and walks around to my side and opens my door for me.


“So, you are the son he never had.”

“Excuses, excuses.” Tommy replies as he motions for me to get out of the truck. “Come on, he’s probably had lunch by now. We’ll run up see how he’s doing, then head out to the ranch to get you settled.”

“Thanks again Tommy, I really appreciate it.” I say as I climb out of the truck and pull his carhart tighter around my body.

“No problem Darlin,” He says as he pats my head making me narrow my eyes at him. He laughs a bright smile on his lips before he closes the passenger side door. “Come on,” He says as he takes my hand and pulls me down the sidewalk, through the front doors, to the elevator, then from the elevator to the hallway that lead to my father’s room. The only reason I knew that was because I could hear him yelling angrily at someone from down the hall. I knew that tone and it sent a shiver down my spine.

“Are you sure it’s not too late to turn back?” I ask as I stop in my tracks not wanting to deal with the powder keg of angry old man in the next room. Tommy rolls his eyes as he pulls the ray bans off my face and places them on the collar of his shirt.

“I’ll be with you’re the whole time. You got this.” He says and I nod. Taking a deep breath I walk into the room to see the familiar back of my ex and clear my throat making him turn around his chocolaty eyes meeting mine.

“(Name)…” He says and I offer him a polite nod before I turn my attention to the man lying in the bed his arms folded over his chest. He looked weaker than I remembered, his once vibrant chocolate hair now peppered with stands of silver. His dark blue eyes meet mine and he grumbles something under his breath.

“Hey Pop, I hear you had a little too much fun and pissed your heart off.” I say as I near him Tommy close behind me.

“You shouldn’t have come.” He replies as he quickly averts his eyes to look out the window.

“I know; but Ang said you needed help.”

“I don’t need your help.”

“Maybe not but it’s best you’re gonna get.” I reply a hint of anger in my voice making him cock an eyebrow in surprise but continue looking out the window.

“Ang said you were coming to help; sorry I can’t do it.” Jake says and I shake my head.

“You and Ang got a lot going on. I don’t mind coming back to take care of him.”

“What about your life in New York?” My Father asks his deep voice filling the small room.

“It can wait.” I reply as I fold my arms over my chest.

“I want a drink.” My father says and I hear Jake groan in annoyance.

“The Doc said you can’t drink anymore.” Jake replies as he runs a hand down his face in exasperation.

“I don’t care what that cook says, I want a drink!”

“NO.” I say firmly making his head finally snap toward me.

“No?” He asks his dark eyes filling with rage. “Who the hell do you think you are to tell me I can’t have a drink?”

“Someone who doesn’t want to lose her father just because he’s an alcoholic.”

“I am not an Alcoholic; I can stop anytime I want too. I just chose not to.”

“Right…” I reply narrowing my eyes at him.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He says a new emotion filling his eyes.

“Why not?” I ask place my hands on my hips.

“You look like her when you do.” He replies his voice filled with melancholy. My face softens at the mention of my mother and I let out a sigh as I walk closer to him until I am standing inches from his bed.

“Dad, you gotta stop doing this to yourself.” I start but the look in his eyes causes my heart to clench.

“I’m tired, get out.” He replies as he reaches for the little handle that holds the nurse call button.

“Alright, I’ve gotta get the chores at the house done anyway.”

“I’ll set her up and show her what to do Gene.” Tommy says and my father nods.

“Fine, just get out.” He replies as he presses the button.

“Alright pops, if you need anything from the house-” He goes to ask and I narrow my eyes as I shut him down, “Other than booze old man, I’ll get it for you.”

“You’re no fun.” He replies as the nurse walks in behind us. She was a tiny little brunette with hazel eyes and for the life of me I couldn’t picture where I knew her from.

“Excuse me, are you alright Gene?” She asks as she pushes past us.

“I would be if these hooligans weren’t here.” He replies glaring at us.

“We get the message pops; I’ll be by later to check on you.”

“Don’t bother, why don’t you just go back to New York?”

“Because whether you care to admit it or not, you need me old man. So get used to seeing me around.” I reply before turning on my heel and walking back down the hall my anger trying to flare. It took me a few seconds to realize that Jake and Tommy where close behind me. I didn’t really notice until I was in the elevator.

“Sorry about that (Name),” I hear Jake say and I shake my head.

“He’s always been like that.” I reply running a hand through my hair.

“Not just that though, I also meant-”

“I know what you meant Jake. It’s okay. Ang already told me.” He nods and I suddenly feel exhausted. “I don’t mean to be a bitch but I am exhausted and I still need to get home and take care of the animals.”

“I was able to feed them this morning before I headed to work.” He replies and I nod.

“Thanks.” I say as the elevator doors open. We quickly walk out them and through the front doors back to Tommy’s truck. Standing in front of it I turn to Tommy and say, “Can we stop by the store real quick? I gotta get some things.”

“Sure, no problem.” He answers as he waves to Jake before heading to the drivers side door to start the truck.

“Listen (Name), I really didn’t mean to say those things before.”

“Jake I know, please stop apologizing.”

“I can’t. I fucked up and said something that was told to me in confidence just because I was provoked by Angie’s mom. I should’ve just ignored her.”

“When you find someone who can ignore that woman you let me know.” I say making him smile softly at me.

“I know asking to be friends is a lot, but I want to be at least civil; you know, for Angie.”

“Then civil it is.” I reply as I hold my hand out to him for him to shake. “Jake this is a new start. All the shit we’ve been through is ancient history. We’re family now. All I gotta say is you better take care of Ang, cause if not, I know some real amazing lawyers.”

“Duly noted.” He says a slight smirk filling his lips as he takes my hand and shakes it. “I won’t keep you any longer, my lunch breaks almost over.”

“You better get back then. See ya Jake.”

“See ya later (Name).” He says as he offers me gentle wave before he disappears down the sidewalk. Blowing out a deep breath I turn back to Tommy and climbing into the passenger seat say, “To Walmart my good sir.”

“Aye, aye, Captain.” He says as he shifts the truck to reverse and pulling out heads to the store. 


His throat was already burning by the time he reached the clearing where she was standing her eyes challenging his every move. They urged him on, challenging him to either give chase or give up. However, giving up was not in him. Gritting his teeth, he stands up tall and forces himself to accept her challenge. With what looked like a smirk she turned and ran from him again. Taking a deep breath, he quickly gave chase behind her.

His mind was racing. What was he to do when he actually caught up with her? She wasn’t herself, she was blinded by primal instinct. As she ran ahead of him he heard the sound of water and his eyes drift from her to the sight of the waterfall a few hundred feet in front of her. The scenery itself was breathtaking. If the circumstances had been different he would have stopped to enjoy the scenery, but now was not the time.

His eyes refocus on the beautiful creature in front of him as she slides to a stop to stare at the water. He stops a few feet behind her curious as to why she had stopped. “Kitty?” He says making her eyes snap to him. They narrow as if to judge him before she turns toward him and placing a hand on her hip says, “ỉr ntk nefer n mr mj dpt?”

“I don’t understand?” Bucky replies unaware of what language she was speaking. Kitty sighs and furrows her brows as she replies, “Do you wish to love this vessel?”

“Love?” He says in shock unsure of how to respond.

“You humans are so indecisive.” She scoffs and Bucky narrows his eyes at her.

“Who are you?” He asks even though he has an inclination as to who it is.

“You mortals once called me ‘Baast’ I am the goddess of warfare, Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love.” She pauses as she closes the distance between the two of them. When she is a few inches from him her eyes look him up and down before staring angrily into his eyes. “You are known to this vessel as The Winter Soldier, or Bucky, as she remembers.”

“My name is James Buchannan Barnes, but yes; I used to be the assassin known to the world as The Winter Soldier. My friends call me Bucky.”

“Hmm,” She cocks an eyebrow as she walks around him her eyes looking him up and down sizing him up. “I have three questions I ask all the attempted suitors of my vessels. Three simple questions that will decide whether I allow you to be her mate or not. If you fail to answer even one correctly, you will lose her forever.” Baast says as she comes to stand in front of him. He gulps down a breath of air.

Could he live without Kitty? If he answered even one question wrong, he would never be able to see her again. The more he thought about it, the more the idea tore at his heart. He cared dearly about Kitty; but was it love? Love or not he knew he couldn’t live without knowing she was safe. The sudden thought of her with another man made his blood run hot. Was he jealous of something that hadn’t even happened yet?

Taking a deep breath, he rolls his shoulders as he says, “I don’t know if I am even worthy to stay by her side, but I know that I want too.”

“I take it you wish to answer my questions then?” She asks and he nods. “Very well then, let us begin. I hope you know that I will be able to tell if you are being truthful or if you are just telling me what I wish to hear. My first question is simple; why do you wish to remain by her side?”

“Kitty, knows all I have ever done. All the death and destruction I have brought to this world and all that I would have if not for her and my friends. She cares for me more than I do myself. I may not know what my feelings exactly are for her but all I do know is that I don’t want to lose her. I need her.” He answers his eyes turnings soft at the thought of being with her forever.

“Interesting,” She says as she cocks an eyebrow at him.

“What’s interesting?” He asks his eyes refocusing on her.

“I think this vessel’s destiny may differ slightly from the others.” She says her eyes sparkling. Before he has a chance to question her further they snap back to him. “On to our next question,” She says as she suddenly closes the distance between them and placing a hand on his cheek smiles deviously. His head starts to spin as the world goes dark, a black fog surrounding him leaving nothing but her devious smile until his eyes close.

“Soldier…” he hears Kitty’s voice call softly making his eyes slowly open to see her (E/C) eyes looking down into his.

“Kitty,” He replies his eyes starting to gain focus. They snap open when he realizes he’s staring into the eyes of Kitty’s child body. Hid body moves on its own as he bolts upright and moves away from her his eyes looking around to see the familiar scenery of the old cell they had shared together. “What’s… what’s going on?”

“You okay?” She asks as she slowly moves away from him to the other side of the room fear in her eyes.

“Kitty?” He asks his breathing ragged his body sore and painful to the touch. What was this? Was it a dream? That’s the only thing that made sense in his mind.

“They brought here, you hurt?” She asks as she points to his chest making him looks down to see the scars and bandages covering his body. He lets out a heavy sigh as he forces a smile and clearing his throat holds his hand out to her.

“I’m okay Kitty. It’s okay.” He says as he motions for her to come to him. At first, she cautiously looks him up and down her eyes full of distrust and he didn’t blame her. With the history she had. He cringes at the memory. She slowly moves over and slowly reaches out to take his hand. When her hand touches his he pulls her into his arms and holds her tight as he says, “I’m sorry.” She tenses for a moment before she gently reaches up and pets his head.

“It’s alright.” She replies making him grip tighter to her.

“No, it’s not, I should’ve protected you; but I-”

“Did what a soldier does.” She says finishing his sentence making him look up unto her eyes.

“That shouldn’t have mattered.”

“And yet you wouldn’t have been able to save her anyway.” A familiar male voice says from the other side of the room making Bucky reach out and gripping tightly to Kitty hold her close to his chest ready to defend her to his last breath.

“Pierce.” Bucky states as the figure steps into the light revealing his face.

“Nice to see you again Soldier. The last time we met, well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.”

“You can’t have her.” Bucky says as he grips tighter to kitty’s form making her wince in pain.

“Oh, but already had her Barnes.” Pierce says as he starts to close the distance between the two of them. “You forget I raised her.”

“That’s some real shitty parenting.” Bucky says as he takes a few steps back away from Pierce.

“It’s a shame I didn’t get to her before the trials though. It would have been nice to keep her innocent. Strucker had other plans though. Something about using her DNA to make more females but it never worked out. Guess the legends about there only being one a generation was true.” Pierce looks at Kitty before he continues, “It’s surprising how strong she grew to be from this.”

“You should’ve let me protect her.”

“You tried, remember?” Pierce says causing a painful memory fill Bucky’s mind. “I remember you suffered great pain to try to help her.”

“I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Would you?” Pierce asks making Bucky’s eyes shoot toward the door as a group of agents with stun batons rush through the door and try to pull Kitty from his arms. A switch is flipped inside him causing him to see red. He gripped tightly to Kitty with his right hand as he defended her with his metal one. As he holds them off the agents shove their stun batons into his skin sending volts of electricity through his body causing him to cry out in agony but keep his grip tight on Kitty. There was no way he was letting her go this time.

He glances up right as Rumlow walks through the door an angry grin on his face. Why is he here? Bucky thinks to himself as he remembers how Rumlow wasn’t even a rookie agent yet. “NO! I won’t go!” Kitty cries out as she grips tighter to Bucky’s chest.

“It’s not too late Soldier, you can end this suffering.” Rumlow says as he cracks his knuckles. “All you gotta do is hand over the cat.”

“Not gonna happen.” Bucky growls as he holds Kitty close to his chest.

“Then I guess I have no choice.” Rumlow says before he instantly surges forward and swings a hard right his fist colliding with Bucky’s cheek. Bucky stumbles backwards but doesn’t loosen his hold on Kitty. Before he has a chance to think he all the agents converge on him swinging their fists, kicking with their legs, and jabbing him with the batons. His mind screams at him to put Kitty down and retaliate but he finds he can’t. The moment he puts her down he’d lose her. They’d take her from him.

A wave of anger surges through his body at the thought of losing her again and in order to protect her he forces himself to the ground. He places her beneath him his arms on either side of her completely shielding her from the Hydra agents assault. As her soft cries fill his ears he smiles softly as he gets her attention and says, “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.”

“How you say that?” She says the tears falling from her eyes. “They hurt you.”

“But they’re not hurting you.” He says pausing for a moment to wince at the pain. “If you are safe, I feel no pain.” A glimmer of happiness fills her eyes as a soft smile fills her lips making him look down at her in confusion. “Kitty?”

“You are full of surprises.” She replies her small visage melting away to leave her adult form lying sprawled out beneath him.

“What is this?” He asks furrowing his brow.

“It seems that you just passed question two.” She replies cocking an eyebrow at him. Shaking his head, he pulls away from her and sits straight before her.

“That was one of the questions; but it felt so real.” He replies rubbing his hand across his forehead.

“That’s the point handsome.” She replies as she stands up and pats the dirt from the cell floor off her legs.

“And it gave me the perfect idea for our third question, although, I don’t think you’ll like it.” She says running a hand through her hair.

“I don’t know if I like the sound of that.” He replies as he follows suit and stands up next to her.

“Oh, I have a feeling you’re gonna hate it; but it’s a question that must be asked and answered correctly. If not,” She pauses a sadness filling her eyes. Remembering herself she clears her throat and tries to shake off the sad feeling.

“Something’s been bothering me since I read her file,” Bucky starts making her turn toward him a look of intrigue in her eyes. “Why would her brother, well, all your past incarnations brothers, why would they kill her?”

“That’s my fault,” She says her arms wrapping around her stomach.

“What do you mean?” He asks in confusion.

“I’ll tell you,” she pauses for a moment her eyes filling with a distant stare. “If you answer my finally question correctly.”

“But,” He starts but is instantly cut off by her holding up her hand.

“My third and final question is this,” She looks up into his eyes as she narrows her own, “Choose, Steve or Kitty.”

“Wait what?” Bucky asks a knot filling his stomach.

“If you could only save one, who would you pick? Your childhood friend, who’s like a brother to you and has saved your life many a time; or the girl you vowed to protect and failed?”

“I… I can’t pick just one.” Bucky says his mind whirling.

“The rule is you can only save one, now, who would you pick?” She asks making his heart clench.

Bucky’s mind starts to whirl as he thinks about it. Usually Steve would be his first choice, he always was. Bucky, felt he owed Steve his life for helping free him from Hydra but then there was kitty. He first met her as a young girl, alone and frightened. Someone he had instantly felt the urge to protect and keep safe just like he had with Steve when he was younger. He thought back to then and felt his heart clench at the thought of how he had failed her then.

This question felt like a trap, one he knew would result in the loss of his best friend or a girl he wasn’t sure how he felt about. If he saved Steve, he would still have his best friend, but he would lose Kitty. He and Steve would regret it for the rest of their lives. If he chose Kitty Steve would understand, hell Steve would tell him to save Kitty instead of him but then he would lose Steve. Someone he had promised to be with till the end of the line.

He also knew Kitty would hate to be chosen out of guilt. She would have insisted he save Steve in that case. What it all came down to was what Bucky wanted, and even he didn’t really know that. Taking a deep breath, he looks Baast in the eyes and says, “I’m not going to choose.”

“Oh?” She asks intrigue filling her eyes. “And why not?”

“Because either way I go about it I lose someone important to me, neither of them would be happy if I picked one and sacrificed the other. They would secretly blame thierselves and I can’t do that to them.”

“Even if it meant losing both or even your own life?” She asks making his brow furrow.

“I only have Steve and Kitty,” Bucky says a sad look filling his eyes. “But they both have others who love them and want them to be safe and happy. I couldn’t be the one to take them away from them.”

“You know, I’m not fond of this self-sacrificing attitude you have. You really think there is no one who would mourn your death?” She asks an angry look filling her eyes.

“Steve has already mourned me once, he’s a strong guy and he’ll understand why I chose the way I did.”

“And (Name)?”

“She’ll be mad at me, but in the end, she will also understand.” Bucky says his eyes narrowing slightly.

“Well,” She starts as she scratches the back of her neck, “That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.” Fear fills Bucky’s body as he starts to think about the consequences of failing one of her questions. “However, it’s the first time someone has chosen that way. It’s very peculiar.” She lets out a sigh making the scenery turn back to the waterfall from before his mind went black. “I believe I owe you an answer to your question.”

“Wait, you’re saying I answered correctly?” He asks confusion filling his voice.

“You did, well in your own way.” She replies making him fall to his knees a sigh of relief leaving his lips. “So to answer your question,” Bucky listens in disbelief as she explains everything to him in detail. He didn’t know what to say. “Now you know, I hope you can save her. If any of my incarnations deserve it, it’s her.” She says before giving him a sorrowful smile. “I’ll return her to you now, and please Bucky, take care of her.” Then without so much as another word Kitty’s eyes slowly turn from their cat like ones to her normal (E/C) ones.

“Kitty?” He asks as she slowly slumps into his arms her skin burning and her breathing ragged.

“What’s this feeling?” She asks as she burrows into his chest her eyes filling with a lustful haze as they meet his making his jaw clench.

“Maybe we should get you back home.” Bucky says as he tries to stand making a moan unconsciously leave her lips. Hearing the noise, they both freeze in place their faces turning red with embarrassment.

“Bucky, I don’t think I can make it back home.” She says as she reaches up to touch his face gently her hand trembling.

“Kitty, you don’t want this.” Bucky says trying to keep his composure.

“I do,” she says nuzzling his chin with her forehead.

“This is just a side effect of your,” He pauses as her hand slowly moves from his face down to his lap. “Kitty stop,” He says firmly grabbing her wrist.

“Do you not want me?” She asks a fearful look filling her eyes.

“That’s not it,” He replies holding her tightly.

“Then what is it; cause either you do this with me or I have to find someone who will.” She replies exasperated making his eyes go wide with anger. There was no way he was gonna let some other guy touch her let alone see her like this. “I need you Bucky.” She says causing his last inch of self-restraint disappear completely.

Leaning forward his lips crash against hers sending a wave of passion and heat throughout both their bodies. She moans into his lips as her arms shoot around his neck and pull him in closer. Bucky loses himself in the feel of her, his hands gently caressing her soft skin as he slips them under her shirt. He pulls away momentarily to look down into her enchanting (E/C) eyes looking for any trace that this might not be what she really wanted; but he found none. She wanted him. That revelation sent a familiar feeling through his body causing him to grip tighter to her as he pulls her up to straddle his lap.

Pulling away from her lips momentarily he looks up into her eyes as the revelation that he in fact loved this woman filled his body. He didn’t know when it had started but all he knew was that he would do anything for her. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this way. How he felt about Steve came a close second. He smiles happily as the words, ‘I love you’ escape his lips making her eyes widen slightly before they fill with happy tears. “I love you too Bucky.” 

One sentence… just one little sentence was enough to bring my whole happy world crashing down. I had been working at Stark Tower as a liaison between Pepper and the UN, when I was reassigned to ‘Bucky’ duty by Captain America himself. When Bucky first arrived, he was a little unstable and prone to panic attacks, all of which I was able to bring him down from using different methods. As my mission, so to speak, progressed; as did my relationship with Bucky.

At first the two of us were always together. I don’t know whether that was Steve’s plan from the beginning, putting two emotionally unstable individuals together or not, all I know is that it worked. I fell and I fell hard for Bucky. He was broken and damaged just as I was. I hadn’t grown up in the best of circumstances, hell I spent my childhood begging for food in the center of town, but after a kind old man took me in and put me through school and College; I made it my mission to help others.

Hence, I joined the UN, or the United Nations. I graduated top of my class and became a government liaison. That was many years ago, now. I’ve been a liaison for many different superheroes, starting with Reed Richards and then of course ending with Tony Stark. My job was simple, be the go between for both and keep the chaos to a minimum. Also, I was there to report on any and all tests and secrets.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Like I said Bucky and I were constantly together, we spent every waking moment near each other. It was inevitable for me to fall for him. It happened about three weeks ago, Steve thought it would be a good idea for Bucky and I to take a day and go to Coney Island. Perhaps it might rekindle some of Bucky’s memories that hadn’t come back yet. So, we went and at first it was magical.

We were having a great time. That was until I said something I shouldn’t have. I was so stupid, I got caught up in the moment and in the spur of it I told him I loved him. His eyes, he looked at me like I had betrayed him. I froze. I didn’t know what to do. It was just like when I was a kid and my mother abandoned me. He didn’t say anything. Like he was avoiding my confession so I decided to take him back to Steve.

The rest of the way back to Avengers tower we rode in silence. My heart was breaking and I just wanted to get him back safely and then I would decide what I was going to do from there. When we arrived, after I climbed out of the cab he grabbed my hand and said, ‘I don’t need you anymore, today proves I can do just fine by myself.’ I froze in my footsteps as he releases my hand and walks into the tower. I couldn’t breathe. My heart was crushed. Tears stung my eyes but I wasn’t about to cry.

Flashbacks to my childhood filled my mind. Abusive words slung at me from every direction covered me making me lose all the confidence I had gained over the past few years. I was broken. I don’t remember how I got home or even how I didn’t end up dead in a ditch somewhere. All I remember was waking up the next morning and returning to my original job as Miss Potts assistant. I didn’t try to avoid him, I didn’t make things awkward, I was just being professional. Everything was fine. Even though the very sight of him made my heart hurt I had to be professional.

Then it happened. I saw him with another girl. He was smiling a smile I had never seen before. It crushed me. That was when I decided to leave. I put in my resignation letter with Miss Potts, packed my bags, sold my apartment, and headed back to Paris. I traded in my field work for a desk job. I didn’t want to get attached to anyone ever again.

“And that’s why I’m here.” I say as I look across the room to the Shrink my supervisors requested I go to. The middle-aged woman had her hair pulled tightly back in a bun, and she wore a gray pinstriped pants suit. This was the last place I wanted to be.

“(Name), I’ve read the reports you wrote about your time at the Avengers tower; It seems like you had many friends you could have turned too, so why did you leave without notifying anyone other than Miss Potts?” She asks as she pulls her glasses from her face.

“Miss Potts was my boss; it’s only fitting I tell her I was leaving.”

“And this Bucky individual you mentioned, you didn’t feel the need to tell him you were leaving?” She asks and my heart clenches.

“No ma’am, I figured it was best that I break off contact without delay. That is also why I decided to stay here in Paris. I’m finished with field work.”

“You do realize it’s your superiors who want me to clear you for the field do you not?”

“I do ma’am, but I wish to remain at my desk.”

“I understand your reasons, I will go through my notes and let them know what I think.”

“Thank you,” I say forcing my business smile.

“That is all the time we have for today, I will see you again next week at the same time.”

“Yes ma’am.” I say as I stand and grabbing my coat and purse head for the door. I was not happy. Leaving the therapists office, I step out into the cold winter air and let out a heavy sigh. I hated shrinks, I never believed they worked and I hated the fact that I was to tell a complete stranger about my tortured past. As the cold wind blows I take a deep breath and wince as the cold air fills my lungs. It burned but that was just proof that I was alive.

Turning I decide to take the long way home and walk past Notre Dame. It was my favorite place in the whole world. When I was begging for food I used to go there. The Archbishop and Deacons used to slip me whatever food they could and then on extremely cold nights they would allow me to sleep inside the cathedral. It was the first act of kindness anyone had ever shown me. I smile at the people as I pass by them.

As the church comes into view I remember Philippe, the old man who took me in off the streets. He was a baker, every morning he would wake up early to start preparing the dough. I loved smelling the smell of bread baking. Bread baking was my favorite smell in the whole world. Although he passed away right after I graduated college he left his bakery in the hands of his workers.

Rounding the corner, I spot a familiar face and I smile as I rush over to the flower woman. “Bonjour Marie,” I call out to the redhead as I reach into my purse to pull out some money for her beautiful yellow Roses.

“Ah Bonjour (Name), Je ne vous ai pas vu depuis des années. Comment allez-vous?” (I haven’t seen you in years. How are you?) She replies a bright smile covering her withered face.

“J'ai eu un peu de malchance en amour mais à part ça je l'ai bien été.” (I've had a bit of bad luck in love but other than that I’ve been well.) I reply holding the blooming petals up to my nose.

“Eh bien, je ne vais pas édulcorer et dire que vous allez rencontrer quelqu'un savait. Est-ce que vous aimez cet homme?” (Well I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that you'll meet someone knew. Did you love this man?) She asks and I feel tears sting my eyes as I think of him.

“Oui je l'ai fait.” (Yes, I did.)

“L'amour fait mal. Voilà comment vous savez qu'il était réel.” (Love hurts. That's how you know it was real.) She replies and I nod.

“Eh bien, je serai hors tension. Merci Marie pour la belle rose.” (Well I'll be off. Thank you, Marie, for the lovely rose.) I say as I start to walk toward the bridge. She waves me off with a smile and I grip tightly to my little bouquet as I slowly walk across the Pont au Double bridge. I take one last glance toward the church and smile softly before I turn back and continue my walk home.

Walking into my apartment, I am greeted by the familiar face of a one Steve Rogers and I freeze in my footsteps. “Mr. Rogers? Um, what are you doing in my apartment?” I ask a knot welling up inside my throat.

“Pepper told me you resigned. I have to admit I was a little surprised that you didn’t say goodbye.” He says a sad smile covering his lips.

“I apologize; I admit I wasn’t thinking rationally when I left.” I reply as I close my door and setting my purse and roses down start to pull my coat off.

“Don’t apologize. I’m sure you had every reason to do what you did.” He says and I nod as I hang my coat on the hook and grab the roses.

“Um, would you like something to drink?” I ask as I walk past him to the kitchen to find a vase.

“Ah yes, a water would be nice.” He replies as he follows after me.

“Water it is.” I say as I set my roses down on the counter and grab a glass. Reaching into the fridge I grab a bottle of water and twisting the cap off pour it into the cup. Handing it too him I turn back and reach for a pair of scissors to cut the stems of my rose. “So how is everything?” I ask making small talk as I gently arrange the roses in an antique blue glass vase.

“Well the towers still standing if that’s what you mean.” He jokes and I chuckle.

“I guess that’s a good thing then.” I reply setting the vase on my kitchen table. “How long are you going to be in Paris?”

“A few days,” He replies and I nod.

“Are you alone, or did the rest of the team come?” I ask dreading his answer. I was not ready to see Bucky. I wanted to be alone.

“Tony, Natasha, Pepper, Sam and I came.” He says and I let out a sigh of relief that wasn’t visible on my face.

“You’ll have to tell them I said hi,” I comment smiling softly at him.

“I will, we’ll have to have dinner together.” He offers and I tense.

“I’ll have to check my schedule, but that would be nice.” I reply as I move from the kitchen to the front room. “Would you like to sit down?” I ask as I motion to the couch.

“Ah yeah sure,” He replies sitting down across from me.

“Is it just me or does it seem really awkward?” I ask smiling.

“So, it’s not just me.” He replies and I smile.

“There’s no need to be on your toes around me, please just be yourself.”

“Thank you. Sorry it’s just,” He pauses as he rubs his fingers along the smooth glass, “Been a hectic few weeks.”

“Again, I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about me leaving. I just needed,” I pause as I clasp my hands together. “I missed my home. I grew up in Paris you know?”

“I remember you saying something about it before. I got your address from the UN. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Although I am a little surprised to find you inside my apartment,” I giggle making him laugh before I continue, “It’s a nice surprise though, so thank you.”

“No problem. If I’m being honest, I missed you.” He says and I feel my heart lighten a bit.

“I missed you too Steve.” I reply honestly as I smile at him.

We spent the next few hours talking and reminiscing about old times which was nice. I hadn’t lied, I had missed Steve. Truth be told I had missed them all, but I just wasn’t ready to see them. Steve was enough. As the hours passed I glanced up to the clock to see that it was almost nine and my eyes widen. “Oh my, I didn’t realize it was this late. Um do you know your way back? Should I call you a cab, or if you’d like I have a guest room?”

“Oh um, I think I can find my way back. It’s not that I don’t want to take you up on your offer but I just think, you know,”

“Right, It’s completely understandable.”

“Um how about lunch tomorrow?” He asks as he stands up and walks toward the door.

“Uh yeah, sure, why not? Um, my lunch breaks at one. There’s a little Bistro I like to frequent for lunch called La rose floraison. They have the most amazing food there.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow at one.” He says grabbing his coat and pulling it on.

“I’m looking forward to it. Goodnight Steve,” I say giving him a soft smile.

“Goodnight (Name),” He says returning my smile before he heads off down the hall. As soon as he heads down the stairs I close the door and let out the heavy sigh I had been holding all night long. I lean my back against the door as I slowly slide down the door onto the floor.  What was I to do now? If Steve knew I was here, then it wouldn’t be long until the rest of the team knew. Not that Bucky would come even if he knew.

The recollection of his name sent a shiver down my spine. My heart tightens in my chest and I take a deep breath to keep from crying. I look over at the clock and watch as the time slowly ticks by. There was no way I was going to get any sleep tonight. Not with my mind full of the past. Clearing my throat, I push myself up off the floor and grabbing my cell phone head to my room. Sitting down on the bed I reach over and opening my nightstand drawer I take out my sleeping pills.

I set my alarm and plug in my cell phone before I twist the cap of my pills and pulling two out slip them in my mouth. I swallow them down dryly before I lay down on top of the blankets. It was definitely cold outside and it was slightly drafty in my little apartment but I didn’t care. I wanted the cold. I needed to feel numb. As I close my eyes I slowly slip into an all too familiar nightmare.


Bucky’s POV


~Going back~


“What do you mean she’s gone?” Bucky yells out in confusion before running past his friend and up to her room. She couldn’t be gone. Why would she leave? His mind drifts back to the day they had gone to Coney Island and her sudden confession and his heart clenches. It was true that he had rejected her but it was for her own good. He couldn’t love her the way she deserved to be loved. Granted he had rejected her rather roughly but she had been acting just fine since then.

Throwing her bedroom door opened he found all her belongings gone. No trace of her was left. “(Name)!” He yells out as he runs throughout her entire floor in search of her. He feels his heart start to clench and its pace quickens. “No, no, no. (Name)!” He yells again his adrenaline kicking in. Unable to control his body he grabs the closest thing to him and throws it against the wall. He reaches for the next thing-                                         

“Bucky calm down!” Steve yells as he reaches out and tries to restrain Bucky who is thrashing around wildly.

“Where is she Steve? Where did she go?” Bucky cries out pain lacing his voice.

“I don’t know Buck; all I know is she turned in her resignation and left. Even Pepper doesn’t know where she is.”

“It’s all my fault?” Bucky says his body stilling.

“What? Why? How is it your fault?” Steve asks confusion filling his voice.

“It just is okay,” Bucky snaps causing Steve to narrow his eyes at his friend.

“What exactly happened between the two of you Buck? I noticed she was acting strange but I didn’t think it had anything to do with you.”

“That day, the day you sent us to Coney Island; everything was perfect. She was beautiful with the sunlight in her hair and a happy smile on her lips. Then when we were about to get on the cyclone she told me,” He pauses as he narrows his eyebrows. “She told me she was in love with me.”

“Really? Buck that’s great.”

“I rejected her.” Bucky interjects making Steve stare wide eyed at his friend.

“What exactly did you say to her Bucky?” Steve inquires in a serious tone.

“I panicked. At first, I didn’t say anything. Right after that we climbed into a cab and came back here. Then when we got out of the cab I stopped her and,” He pauses as tears start to fill his eyes.

“And?” Steve presses his friend for more information.

“I told her that I didn’t need her anymore. That that day was a test that I passed and I could live normally without her.”

“Jesus Bucky, what were you thinking?” Steve chastises his friend as he runs a hand down his face.

“I wanted her to find someone else. Someone better than me. I’m broken and I’ve done a lot of bad in my life. I didn’t want to hurt her but I didn’t want to see her get hurt because of me either. My brain picked the easier of the two. I didn’t think she’d actually leave though. She acted normally after that day, I just figured she decided to stay friends.”

“Buck, you may have wanted to keep her from getting hurt; but in reality, you hurt her more than anyone else ever could.” Steve shakes his head. He knows this isn’t going to help his friend but Bucky needed to know the truth.

“But why did she wait so long to leave then? Why didn’t she leave the next day?” Bucky asks his eyes full of curiosity and pain.

“Did something happen recently?”

“No,” Bucky shakes his head. “We have barely talked since that day.”

“I’m sorry Buck, but I think it’s safe to say that she’s not coming back.” Steve says blatantly and Bucky nods.

“It’s all my fault.”

“Come on Buck, let’s get you something to drink and maybe go for a run to clear your mind.”

“Please just leave me Steve. I wanna be alone.” Bucky replies his eyes growing cold.

“Are you sure?” Steve asks as he places a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Bucky says his voice cracking. “Just leave me alone.”




Bucky stares at the building that held her apartment with mixed emotions. He wanted to rush up the stairs to her. Tell her he had been wrong and all he ever wanted was for her to come back but he couldn’t find the nerve. Gulping down a breath of air he stares up at the window Steve said was hers, his entire body crying out for him to run to her but he held himself back. The light was still on and at times he could see her silhouette against the curtains.

He wanted to see more. He wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her he was sorry. Steve had been up there for a while talking with her and he had said that she seemed a little awkward and nervous. Steve hadn’t mentioned that he was in town and that gave him the element of surprise. Steve had made a date with her to have lunch tomorrow and as a surprise he would be there instead of Steve.

There was no doubt she would be upset and a little betrayed but he needed to talk to her. He needed to see her, to tell her that the words he had told her had haunted his every waking moment. She would probably reject him but it was a chance he was willing to take. As the lights of her apartment turn off he takes a deep breath and turning heads back to his hotel room where he would sleep tonight for the upcoming battle tomorrow.


Reader’s POV

I stare at the blank screen before me. My mind wasn’t able to focus on anything work related at all. “(Name), I needed those files regarding the Wakandan royal family on my desk five minutes ago!” My boss Michael Ross yells out bringing me from my stupor.

“Oh!” I exclaim as I look down at the open file showing a picture of the young prince of Wakanda. “I’m sorry Mr. Ross, I have it right here.” I say as I quickly close the file and hand it over to him.

“What’s with you today? You were doing so well.” He asks his deep brown eyes filled with worry.

“Just didn’t get enough sleep last night. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” I say straightening my back and putting my best businesslike face on.

“Okay, if you need an ear to listen to your troubles, my door’s always open.” He says with a quick wave before he started off back to his office. When his door closes, I let out a sigh of relief before I lean back against my chair my head falling back so I could stare at the ceiling. Damn Steve for showing up and causing my mind to be so muddled. Speaking of Steve. I look at the clock to see that it was almost time for me to go on my lunch break and contemplate sending him a message. I grab my phone only to realize that I had deleted his cell number when I came back to Paris.

“Just my luck.” I groan out as I toss my phone onto my desk and pinch the bridge of my nose. No turning back now. Pulling my cac-card from the reader I place it inside my wallet and standing up I grab my phone and shoving it back into my purse grab my coat. Rolling my shoulders, I slide my chair up to my desk and turning head for the elevator. I give Michael a quick wave signaling that I was leaving for lunch and he nodded.

He gives me a head nod in return as he is on his phone before I climb into the elevator and hit the lobby button. I watch the numbers slowly count down as I try to think about what I was walking into. I thought about somehow running away and hiding but now that they knew I was here that wouldn’t work. Letting out a heavy sigh I hail a cab. When one stops I quickly climb inside and telling him the address fold my hands over my lap and let out a heavy sigh.

It took no time at all to make it to the little café. I hand the cabbie the money I owed before I climb out of the cab and taking a deep breath I head inside. I smile softly as I am greeted by the familiar host who quickly leads me to a table where I could wait for Steve. I order a water as I pull my cell phone out of my purse and start to fiddle with it. A few seconds later I see someone walk up to me out of the corner of my eyes and thinking it to be Steve I fake a smile and look up only to stare wide eyed at the last person I ever wanted to see again. “Bucky…”

“Hey (Name), mind if I sit?” He asks his icy eyes pleading with me. My heart starts to race and my palms grow sweaty as he sits down across from me.

“I thought I was meeting Steve.” I say in disbelief as I stare across the table at him.

“Sorry about that, Steve asked you here for me.” Bucky replies as he leans his elbows on the table.

“Why?” I ask as my throat tries to close up.

“Because I wanted to see you.”


“Because I miss you.”

“Why?” I ask again not getting where he was going with this. Why did he miss me? He was the one who told me to go.

“Because…” He pauses his eyes finding mine as they fill with a silent plea.

“Sargent, I have a very busy schedule. I’m sorry but I need to get back. Tell Steve not to contact me again.” I say as I grab my purse and tossing down some money stand up and leave.

“(Name) wait.” Bucky calls out as he follows after me. I ignore him as I continue on down the street headed anywhere but there. “(Name)! Stop!” Bucky yells out angrily making me stop in my tracks and turn back to him. He gulps down a breath of air as he closes the distance between the two of us and before I have a chance to think crashes his lips against mine. At first I fight against him trying my hardest to push him away so I could keep my sanity but just like before I found I couldn’t.

I grip tighter to his coat as his hands cup both sides of my face holding my lips to his. Tears fill my eyes as I with one last surge of sanity push him away. As he stumbles away from me I feel my hand move on its own as it collides with the side of his face. “Why?”

“Why what?” HE asks making me try to choke back sobs.

“Why now? Why did you kiss me? What do you want from me Barnes?” I question as I try not to burst out in tears. “You told me to leave so I did. What more do you want? How much more will you hurt me?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He says a pained expression filling his face. “I told you I didn’t need you cause I didn’t want to place you in danger. No matter what I do I will always have bad people after me and I didn’t want to put you through that. I couldn’t see you hurt.”

“Well you failed there, you hurt me more than anyone else ever could.”

“Then why did you stay after I told you to leave? Why did you take so long to leave?”

“Because I saw you.”

“You saw me what?”

“I saw you with another girl,” I answer and he cocks his head in confusion. “You wore a smile I never saw before. You looked happy with her and it broke my heart. I left because I knew you would never look at me like that. I couldn’t stay and watch the man I loved love someone else. I left to get over you. Why won’t you let me do that?”

“Because I love you (Name).” He replies taking me aback.

“You… you love me?” I ask as I start to take a few steps backwards away from him. “It’s not true, you don’t do that to someone you love.”

“It’s true (Name),” He answers as he clenches his jaw. “When I found out you were gone, I lost it. I went crazy. I wanted you to find someone else who was better that I am; but I never expected you to disappear. I never wanted that.”

“Then what did you expect me to do? Flaunt whoever I met in front of you? I couldn’t do that, no matter how upset I was.” 

“The more I thought about it while I sat in your old apartment sulking,” He starts as he closes the distance between the two of us. “The more I realized how much I hate the thought of you being with someone else. It would kill me to have to stand by and watch you be happy with someone else no matter how much better they would be for you. I couldn’t do it. I realized then how much I love you (Name). I really and truly love you.”

“What am I supposed to say?” I ask tears silently falling from my eyes.

“Whatever you want. You can tell me to go to hell, to never see you again; hell, you can tell me to eat shit and die and I will.” He adds making me chuckle slightly at his words. “But if there is even the slightest bit of a chance that you can forgive me, and give me a second chance, the please tell me now.” I contemplate all the emotions and feelings running through my body as I stare up into his handsome face. I wanted nothing more than to tell him I loved him and that I wanted to be with him but what if it wasn’t enough. What if all this was, was just smoke and mirrors? It would probably kill me.

I take a deep breath fully intending to tell him no when I hear myself say, “I love you James Barnes.” He smiles and goes to hold me but I hold my had up stopping him in his tracks, “But I’m scared that this is all just…”

“It’s not what you think (Name) I really and truly love you. I will gladly spend the rest of my life proving it to you. If you’ll let me.” He says as his hands reach up to rest on my shoulders. I stare at him for a moment my eyes searching his for any hint that he might be untrue but there is none. Giving him a hopeful smile I wrap my arms around his waist and hold tight to him. “You better not be lying Barnes.” He kisses the top of my head as he gently smoothes my hair back.

“I promise (Name), I’ll always be here for you; and I’ll say it as much as I can. I love you.”

 “I love you too James Buchanan Barnes.”



“I swear you are never allowed to leave the tower again.” Tony says as he sets a glass of whiskey down in front of you.

“Oh really? Why?” I ask a smile covering my lips as I hold tight to Bucky’s hand.

“Because Frosty here is annoying when he’s sulking. I almost tossed him back into Cryo to lighten the mood around here.”

“HEY!” Bucky argues making me laugh at the two of them as I look around at all our friends. Bucky grips tighter to my hand and I smile lovingly at him as I think to myself that I couldn’t be happier. 

Earth 616 – Undisclosed Safe House

I stare at the set of clothes the woman Natasha had lain out for me and I cock an eyebrow. “There’s no way I can wear this.” I poke at the black leather pants deep purple halter top and matching black leather jacket.

“Sorry, it’s all I have at the moment.” Natasha says as she walks into the room causing me to jump in shock. “That plus the last time I used this safe house Barnes and I were undercover as bikers.”

“Oh?” I say smirking at her as I mentally picture Bucky in a biker outfit. “Not gonna lie, that sounds hot.”

“You sound like Tony,” Natasha replies a smile covering her lips.

“Who’s Tony?” I ask as I reach over and grabbing the pants slide them over my bare legs.

“He’s a friend. Albeit he has some screws loose, he’s a good guy.” She says turning her back to me so I can put the halter top on.

“I’ve never worn anything like this before. Well unless you count my superhero outfit, but it isn’t as tight.”

“Sounds nice. All my uniforms are kinda form fitting body suits.”

“Yeah, but honey, you can pull that off.” I say offering her a complement as I slip the leather coat over my shoulders.

“Oh, I found you a pair of shoes to wear; and again I am sorry that all I have are stilettos.”

“Oh that’s fine, I’ve worn stilettos before. I worked at a club in Starling City and they were kind of mandatory.”

“Superheroes need a day job.”

“Ain’t that the truth.” I say as I take the stilettos from her and slip them onto my feet.

“I bet you’re excited to go home.” She says as she walks over and sits down on the couch in front of me.

“Honestly,” I say as I sit down beside her my mind racing. “I am but then again, not so much.”

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Wanda says as she walks into the room her arms folded over her chest. Since they had rescued me I had spent most of my time getting to know each of them better. Each of them were silently suffering from something they didn’t want any of the others to know about.

“I’m worried about Ollie.” I sigh as I reach up and run a hand through my hair.

“That’s the childhood friend you were telling us about the other night?” Wanda asks and I nod.

“Yeah,” I intertwine my fingers in front of me before I continue, “I have no idea what I’m going to say to him. I never told him I was Lady Light. Ever since we were kids he’d always promise to protect me and keep me from harm’s way, but when I became a Meta I put myself in harm’s way.”

“He’ll understand why you do what you do. At least he should since he does the same thing.” Natasha says as Wanda nods in agreement.

“I hope so, the last time Ollie and I had a fight I moved ten hours away. Not that it kept him from keeping tabs on me.” I add with a groan as I remember all the frantic texts and phone calls he sent to me after I technically ran away from Starling.

“I hope it all works out for you.” Natasha says causing me to smile softly. I hear a knock on the door and I turn to see Steve walk in and say, “I think your friends are attempting to get here.”

“What makes you say that?” Natasha asks her eyes narrowing slightly at him.

“The anomaly detector T’challa gave us is going crazy.”

“That’s my cue.” I say as I stand up causing Steve’s face to flush slightly. I smirk at him as I glance over to a smirking Wanda. “What do you think about my outfit?”

“Uh it looks good.” Steve says a shy smile covering his lips making me giggle.

“Hey you guys ready to-DAMN!” Bucky says as he walks up behind Steve and looks me up and down.

“Close your mouth Barnes, you’re starting to drool.” Natasha says as she takes my arm and leads me from the room. My smile beams as I walk past them and down the hall. “It’s nice to finally see you smile.”

“Have I not really smiled since coming here?” I ask curiously and she shakes her head. I think back on the days that had passed since I joined their little gang and she was right. I had at first been extremely wary of them at first since I didn’t really know them but after the days had passed I had found out they were actually really good people. Natasha had become like an older more protective sister. Wanda reminded me of Caitlin, being that they had both lost someone who had meant to the world to them but they hadn’t let that them bring them down.

Steve at most times reminded me of Barry. They both had that superhero drive to protect and save everyone. Bucky reminded me of Ollie, at one point in time a lady’s man but thanks to unforeseen circumstances they had become assassins. I smiles softly as I say, “I guess you’re right.”

“Are you still worried about Void?” She asks and my smile instantly fades.

“I haven’t been able to think about who he might be. I’d be lying if said I wasn’t scared; but I have a feeling I’ll learn who he is sooner than later.”

“I hope we can figure this out before you head home.”

“Me too.” I reply letting out a heavy sigh, “I’m tired of running from Void. I just want it all over with.”


“You sure this is the place?” I ask as I stare at the empty alleyway.

“Signals are still going crazy.” Natasha says through the comm link she gave me. I look around as I slowly walk toward where the anomaly was supposed to be. “Anyone else see anything?”

“Nothing on the North side.” Says Steve.

“Southside is clear too.” Bucky adds.

“East is empty, still.” Wanda says before she takes a drink of her soda.

“Then what’s keeping them?” I say and as if the universe heard me the blue light of the breach appears before me and seconds later I was face to face with my friends. It was Barry, Ollie, and Cisco. “Barry!” I cry out as I run over and wrap my arms around his neck, tears of happiness filling my eyes.

“I thought you had died.” Barry says his grip tightening around my waist. “I’m so sorry (Name).”

“It’s not your fault Barry. It was my choice to take on Void.” I pull away from him to cup his cheeks as I check to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I needed to prove to myself that he was really here. “I am so glad that you’re here though. I missed you so much.”

“What about me? Did you miss me too?” Cisco says as he walks out from behind Barry and wraps his arms around me.

“Of course, I missed you. You’re one of my best friends.”

“Damn Straight.” He replies and I chuckle. Pulling away from him I look back toward where they had come through the breach to see Ollie standing there staring at me his eyes filled with a mixture of anger and regret. Taking a deep breath, I start to walk toward him. “Ollie I-” But my words are cut off by him wrapping his arms around me tightly as he doesn’t say a word.  “Ollie, I’m sorry.” I say as I grip tightly to his Arrow outfit.

“I don’t wanna talk about it right now; I’m just glad you’re alive.” He says his grip growing tighter. I grip tighter to him only for a moment before I push him away. I was glad he came to get me, but I wasn’t ready for his unforeseen temper. There was no way he wasn’t mad about me keeping my secret from him. I could tell he was just waiting for a chance when he and I were alone to explode.

“Everything good?” I hear Natasha say through our comms and I turn toward where she was hiding and nod.

“It’s all good. You guys can come out now.”

“Who’s coming?” Ollie asks his voice full of concern and distrust.

“They’re my friends.” I reply as I walk away from him and back to Barry who wrapped his arms around me again and held me close. I had really missed him. I hear a noise behind me and I turn to see Steve, Bucky, Natasha, and Wanda walking over toward us. “Don’t worry Barry, they can be trusted. They saved me from Void.” Barry’s grip tightens on me before he turns toward them and nods.

“I’m Steve Rogers. Welcome to Earth 616.” Steve says as he holds his hand out to Barry. “People also call me Captain America.”

“Captain America? That’s an awesome superhero name!” Cisco says from beside me and I chuckle.

“Glad you like it.” Steve says a smirk filling his lips.

“From right to left, this is Wanda, Bucky, and Natasha. Guys, this guy who refuses to let go of me is Barry, the one who loves creating superhero names is Cisco, and the tall brooding individual in green is Oliver.” I say introducing them to each other.

“Dude you have a metal arm?!” Cisco cries out and I choke back a giggle. “Can I touch it?”

“No,” Bucky and I say in unison making them all turn toward us in shock.

“Any who,” Natasha says looking at her phone as it starts to go crazy. “I bet the four of you would like to get back home.”

“What about Void?” I ask as I pull away from Barry and move closer to my Earth 616 friends.

“We’ll take care of him (Name), you should go and get as far away from him as possible.” Steve says and I grit my teeth and am about to reply when Ollie says, “Then we should go. Thank you for watching after (Name).”

“Ollie, we can’t just leave.”

“Course we can. They said they could handle it and besides the farther we get you from Void the better.”

“But Ollie-”

“(Name), Oliver’s right. You should go home.” Steve says making me turn to face him.

“But Steve,” I say as I move closer to him my eyes pleading with his to let me help them.

“It’s alright,” Steve reaches up and gently rubs my arms before he continues, “You’ve been through enough.” He offers me a soft smile making me wrap my arms around his waist and hold him tight.

“Thank you for saving me.” I pause as I pull away from him and turning the rest of them say, “Thank all of you.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s our job.” Natasha says as a soft smile covers her lips.

“We’re gonna miss you doll.” Bucky says as he pulls me into his chest and hugs me tight making me chuckle.

“Gonna miss you too good lookin.” I reply making the rest of my Earth 616 friends laugh. I grip tighter to him and burry my face in his chest as I commit every little detail of the four of them to memory. I hadn’t been here long but I couldn’t fight the ache in my heart from leaving them. I knew I didn’t belong on this Earth but I couldn’t help but want to stay.

“Take care of yourself over there.” Wanda says as I pull away from Bucky and turn toward her. I nod slightly as I hold my arms out hug her. She smiles softly as she wraps her arms around me and gives me one tight squeeze before she pulls away. I could tell she wasn’t good with goodbyes.

“I will.” I turn to Natasha and try not to cry as I say, “Sorry I won’t be able to return your clothes.”

“Don’t worry about it, they look better on you anyway.” Natasha replies a smile on her lips. I chuckle slightly as I wrap my arms around her and give her a quick hug.

“Take care of each other.” I say as I pull away from her and take a couple steps back to Barry who instantly wraps his arm around my shoulders.

“You too.” Steve says a sad look filling his eyes. I bite my lip as I try to keep my emotions intact.

“Cisco,” Ollie says and Cisco nods as we turn back to where the rift was. Cisco lifts his hand ready to open it when nothing happens. “Cisco what’s wrong?”

“I can’t open it.”

“What? Why not?”

 “Guys we’ve got incoming.” Natasha says as the detector in her hand starts to go haywire.

“Is it Void?” I ask causing Barry’s grip to tighten on me.

“Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise?” I hear a familiar voice say from above us and I look up to see Void’s orange eyes glaring down at us. “If it isn’t Vibe and the Flash.” An arrow comes out of nowhere soaring through Void causing his eyes to shoot to Oliver and his eyes narrow angrily. “Oliver Queen, I should’ve known you’d come to retrieve (Name). You never could let her go, could you?”

“What are you talking about?” Oliver asks as he moves to stand in front of me. “Who are you?”

“I must say I’m a little disappointed you don’t remember me.” Void replies a devious grin filling his lips.

“What do you want with me?” I ask as I shove past Ollie only to have him grab me by the arm and pull me back toward him. “Let go Ollie!” I growl out causing him to glare at me.

“That’s something he could never do.” Void comments and I glare at him.

“Are you gonna tell me who you are and what you want?” I ask as I stare Void deep in his eyes.

“Where would be the fun in that?” He asks causing a shiver to run down my spine.

“You think this is fun? You think hurting people is fun?”

“Maybe a little bit.” He answers as he moves to stand in front of me his black fog masking his face making it impossible to ID him.

“Why do you want me? Other than the whole light snuffing out dark thing, there has to be another reason.” I say as I narrow my eyes at him.

“If I told you my diabolical plan then it wouldn’t be useful, now would it?” He replies a chuckle leaving his lips. “That and I love watching you squirm. Especially Queen.”

“What’s your obsession with the two of us?” I ask making him groan out in annoyance.

“Seriously not matter how many different ways you ask the same question the answer will always be the same.”

“I will figure out who you are Void.”

“Oh I know you will. I have no doubt in my mind.” He pauses as he looks over at Oliver a devilish smile filling his lips. “And when she does, say goodbye to her Oliver.”

“What do you mean?” Ollie asks his brows furrowing in confusion.

“Oh you know exactly what I mean.” He pauses for a moment before he turns back to me and says, “You know I like this Earth, how about we all stay here for a while.” Without so much as another word he vanishes leaving a sour feeling in my stomach.

“I can’t open the Rift, he’s closed it.” Cisco says making Oliver groan out in annoyance. Before anyone could say anything else we hear sirens making their way towards us.

“We have to get out of here.” Natasha says making Steve nod.

“You all are welcome to come with us, it’s the safest bet for now.” Steve says making Oliver reluctantly nod in agreement.  “We’ll never get past them as a group. We’ll have to split up.”

“Woah, I don’t think-” Barry starts when I cut him off.

“Don’t worry Barry, Steve knows what he’s doing.”

“Okay,” Barry reluctantly replies making me give him a soft smile.

“Seeing as you all are new and don’t know where to go one of us will pair up with each one of you.” Steve says and I can tell my Earth 1 friends are skeptical.

“I’ll take the short one.” Wanda says as she walks up and grabbing Cisco’s arm pulls him off as he stutters in agreement.

“You’re with me speedy,” Natasha says as she walks over and grabbing Barry’s hand pulls him away as he glances worriedly at me before following after her.

“Buck you take (Name). Oliver will follow me.” Steve says as he glances between Oliver and me.

“Sure thing Steve, come on Doll.” Bucky says as he holds his hand out for me to grab. “I’ll keep her safe.” He adds to Oliver as I take his hand.

“Thanks.” Ollie replies as Bucky starts to pull me away from him and out of the alley into the busy street. As we walk down the street Bucky wraps his arm around my shoulders and holds me close as he says, “Just stick close to me. I’ll keep you safe.”

“I know you will Bucky.” I say as I smile softly at him my arm wrapping around his waist to make it look like we were just another couple walking down the road. As we make our way to the safe house I let my mind wander and ponder who on earth Void could be. 

I woke the next morning warm and wrapped lovingly in Chris’s arms. The sunlight was beaming through the curtains making our bodies glow with warmth. I could hear the soft thumping of his heart inside his chest letting me know he was still asleep.  I glance around to see that somehow amidst our many times, we had moved to our old room and our old bed. I look up at Chris’s still sleeping face and smile. I had forgotten how peaceful he looked when he was sleeping. Reaching up I gently touch his beard and bite my lips to keep from laughing. Few men could pull off the whole Lumberjack look; but he did it beautifully.

I cuddle into the crook of his arm as I reach down and grabbing the comforter pull it up over my shoulders. His body warmth mixed with the scent of the room made me remember all the good memories we shared in this room. I was so comfortable I didn’t want to move. I feel him stir next to me and I smile. As his eyes flutter open, I stare at him in awe. I hated the fact that his eyelashes were prettier than mine.  He groggily turns to look at me and I offer him a soft smile. He returns my smile with one of his own as he rolls onto his side and wrapping his arm around my waist brings my lower half closer to his.

I feel a familiar heat flush my skin as it contacts his and a soft moan escapes my lips. “Good morning.” He says and I bite my lip before I make some squeaky reply. “Did you sleep well?”

“I always sleep well with you.” I reply as he starts to pepper my neck with kisses. “CH-Chris,” I say, my voice sounding like a moan then actual words.

“Mmm,” He mumbles into my skin making the vibrations from his own moans scratch at the last bit of self-restraint I had left.

“Chris, we-we uh, should uh,”

“Should what?” He asks as his hand starts to move down my bare stomach toward my heat.

“We uh, we have work.” I barely manage as he nips at the base of my neck.

“Work can wait.” He says his fingers parting my folds making my breath catch.

“Ch-Chris!” I call out as I push away from him in a last chance effort to keep my wits about me. “As much as I would like to lay in bed with you all day, we both have work to do.” I say earning me a groan of disapproval.

“It’s been too long. Is it wrong to want to lay in your arms all day?” He asks as he pulls me back to him as he buries his face in my chest.

“No, it’s not wrong at all.” I say as I run my fingers through his soft hair smoothing it back. I go to say something else when the sound of a familiar ringtone goes off making my brows furrow. “Chris I need to get that.” I say but he holds tighter to me. Sudden visions of the last time I was with him and didn’t answer my phone fill my mind causing a sense of foreboding to fill my body. My heart starts to race as panic fills my body. “Chris, let go.” I say my voice shaky. Sensing the fear and panic in my voice he reluctantly releases me, causing me to instantly jump up and head for my phone not even glancing back at him. I enter the living room a knot welling up in my stomach as I reach into my coat pocket and pulling out the phone look down to see my step sisters number pop up and I grit my teeth. “Hello?” I say as I run a hand over my stomach in an attempt to calm my nerves.

“It’s me,” Angie says and I furrow my brow.

“I know, I have caller ID.” I snap as my gut tightens.

“Oh yeah, right.” She says awkwardly making me feel a little bad.

“Sorry Angie, I didn’t mean to snap.”

“No, It’s okay, I understand.” She says quickly.

“Is everything okay? You usually don’t call.” I ask as I look around the room for my clothes.

“I’d like to say yes but,” She pauses for a moment making my heart stop. “Dad collapsed last night.”

“What?! Is he okay?!” I cry out in panic as a hand covers my racing heart.

“He’s fine, he’s pissed I’m calling you, but he’s fine.”

“Let him be pissed! What’d the doc say?” I ask as I sit down on the couch right as Chris comes into view wearing nothing but a pair of old sweats.

“He said it was just a minor heart attack. Dad’s gonna be laid up for a while. Doc says he needs to stay here at least a week or so. I hate to ask this but is there any way you can come home?”

“I haven’t been there since-”

“I know, I wouldn’t ask if had any other choice. Mom’s been her usual shitty self and I can’t leave the clinic to take care of the cows and horses; not only that I can’t take time off to watch him.”

“What’d your husband say about me coming back?” I ask as I run a hand through my hair as a glass of water appears in front of me. Taking it I mouth the words thank you too Chris before I return to our conversation.

“He can get over it. If he gives you any trouble, I’ll do what I should have done months ago, and whoop his ass.” She says making a chuckle escape my lips. “(Name), I know we haven’t always gotten along, but I’d like to try to fix that.”

“I know, I haven’t been the nicest person to be around since Em… I should’ve been a better sister to you.”

“You had your reasons. So when can you get here?”

“I’ll have to check my schedule and move some things around. I’ll call you back here in a few okay?”

“Okay, just a forewarning, dad’s been in a funk lately. He might be mean to you when you get here.”

“Nothing I ain’t used too already.”

“Sorry for that too.”

“Not your fault. Dad’s been that way since my mom died.”

“I gotta get back to the clinic, old man Ryan’s bull has colic.”

“A vet’s job is never done, is it?” I joke making her chuckle, and from the sound of it she needed it.

“Nope, it’s a 24/7 job. Call me when you can.”

“Will do, bye Angie.” I say as I hang up the phone and let out a breath of air I didn’t know I’d been holding.

“Everything okay?” Chris asks as he sits down next to me and I shake my head.

“My dad’s in the hospital. He had a heart attack.”

“Shit (Name), you okay?” He asks as his arms wrap around me.

“I don’t know what I’m feeling honestly.” I say as I bury my face into his neck. “That old man didn’t want me to know.” I say as my heart starts to clench with a mixture of anger and pain.

“I’m sure he didn’t want to worry you.” Chris says as he smoothes my hair back.

“I gotta call Maggie and see if I can take some time off.” I say as I reluctantly pull away from his warmth.

“I’ll get dressed and go get us some coffee and cannoli’s.  You take a shower, make your call, and then I’ll walk you home. Unless you want me to go with you.”

“Chris, I can’t ask you to put your life on hold for me. He’s my father, I’ll go take care of that old fart.”

“You don’t have to ask, I wanna help you.”

“I know you do, but I, I don’t wanna pull you into my drama. I’m not the most liked person in my hometown.”

“That’s because they don’t know the truth about what happened.”


“Don’t Chris me, I’m going to help you. (Name), I love you. Your troubles and fears are mine. I want to help you through this. It might be a couple days until I can get there but it’ll happen.”

“I see I can’t change your mind.” I say my eyes narrowing at him angrily.

“Nope. So, like I said; you make your call, take a shower, and I’ll go get breakfast.” He says as he gently places a kiss on my lips before heading for our old room. I roll my eyes at him before I pull my phone back up to my ear and call my manager.


After a quick shower and breakfast, Chris escorted me home to pack. He left me with a passionate kiss and a much-needed hug. Soon after he left I heard a knock on my door. Furrowing my brow, I walk over and looking through the peephole see Karen standing there her arms folded over her chest. opening the door, I cock an eyebrow at her. “Yeah?”

“Did you hear about your dad?” She asks as she pushes past me into my apartment.

“Yeah, Angie called me this morning.”

“Angie did?” Karen asks as she turns to look at me a surprised look on her face.

“Yeah,” I say as I go to close the door behind her only to have Sebastian catch it before it closes completely.

“Hey don’t forget me.” He says and I roll my eyes as I leave him at the door and head back to my room leaving him to close it. “What’s wrong with her?” Sebastian asks Karen when I leave the room.

“Her dad’s in the hospital.”

“That grumpy old fart?” He says then changes his tune when he sees me tense up, “He okay?”

“Yeah, he had a minor heart attack. He needs to be monitored and he’s not allowed to do any kind of work until he gets better.”

“Damn, that sucks.” Sebastian says as he follows me into my room to see me packing. “Uh, did I miss something?”

“I’m going home to take care of my dad.” I say as I place some underwear into my suitcase.

“After all he said the last time, you’re gonna go home and take care of him?” Sebastian asks his brows furrowing making me stomach clench at the memory.

“He’s my dad Seb, he may not be the best one in the world, but he’s the only one I got. Besides,” I pause as I meet his gaze. “He wasn’t always that way. I didn’t help things when I left. Maybe I can fix it.”

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“It’s inevitable that it’s going to happen. Especially when he starts drinking; but I have to do my duty as his daughter right.”

“What about Angie and Jack?” Karen asks and I let out a sigh.

“Angie’s my sister, Jack’s my ex and her husband. I’m gonna have to deal with all that drama sooner than later.” I say as I sit down on my bed. “I have no problems with Ang, we didn’t get along before; but that’s because we were kids. It also didn’t help that she was in love with my boyfriend and he was a raving asshole to me; but he loves her and he’s good to her. So, I have no quarrel with them. Ang knows this.”

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay by yourself?” Karen asks and I nod. I contemplate telling them both that against my better judgement Chris was also gonna show up; but decide against it.

“Besides, I’ll have Tommy. Jack’s afraid of him.” I say a smirk filling my lips.

“Who wouldn’t be, I mean have you seen how big he is now?” Karen says a chuckle in her voice.

“Says the woman who dated him for years.” I say a smirk filling my face making her blush.

“He’s still one of the hottest guys I’ve ever met; but, he’s too wild for me. Too country.” Karen says shrugging her shoulders.

“That’s because he’s the definition of a farm boy. He eats, sleeps, and bleeds ranching.”

“Yeah, I remember the hot nights in the-”

“Okay too much information, the man’s like my brother!” I say as I interrupt her causing a smile to fill her lips.

“You can’t say you never thought about it.” She says winking at me.

“I can say it, because I grew up next door. The man and I used to take baths together when we were babies, and oh my god I am making this sound so much worse.”

“Yup,” Sebastian and Karen say in unison making me facepalm.

“Any who, I’m gonna see if he can pick me up from the airport.” I say as I pull out my cellphone and send him a quick text.

“You do realize the press is gonna be all over this. Right?” Seb says and I let out a sigh of annoyance.

“I know, and I hope they don’t find out. I didn’t really announce where I was from or who my parents were so I could have a little privacy. That and I knew if anyone showed up at the farm Dad would put a bullet in them.”

“That ain’t no lie.” Karen says matter-of-factly.

“I can do this. As long as asshole doesn’t try anything I’ll be fine.”

“You talking about that reporter that threatened you?” Seb asks and I nod. “Have you told Chris about him yet?”

“No, I don’t want to worry him.” I say as I stand back up and get to packing.

“He’s gonna find out one way or another.”

“I know,” I say as I grip tight to the sides of my suitcase. “I just need a little time.”

“Speaking of Chris, how’d last night go?” Karen asks a smile filling her face.

“It was nice,” I say a blush filling my cheeks.

“I take it, it was better than nice considering you only came home this morning.” She replies wiggling her eyebrows at me.

“Damn (Name), you move fast.” Sebastian jokes making me roll my eyes.

“Shut up, both of you.” I say as I try not to laugh.

“Bam chika wow wow,” Karen says making me burst out laughing.

“Stop, please, oh my god.” I say as I try to catch my breath.

“Does he know?” Sebastian asks and I nod.

“Yeah. He was with me when Ang called; and against my wishes he says he’s going to come help me.”

“What?” they both say in unison and I nod.

“Yeah, I’m going to have to deal with dad, Ang and Jack, and him; all at the same time.” I let out a heavy sigh as I continue, “I kinda wish that his mangers say he can’t go.”

“We are doing a lot of press for Winter Soldier and he has another movie he’s doing so I don’t think he’s gonna be able to, but I’ve been wrong before.” Sebastian says and I nod.

“I guess we’ll find out won’t we.” I say and they nod. “Can either of you take me to the airport? I’d like to be as inconspicuous as possible.”

“I can,” Karen says holding her hand up. “I have the day off.”

“Thanks love.” I say as I close my suitcase. “Well I guess all that’s left to do is head out.”


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