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December 20, 2013
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“Ugh why must you frustrate me so?!” You yell out as you slam the door to his flat and stomp down the street. You had been working for Sherlock Holmes for the past few months ever since John had gotten married and it had been a complete disaster. Of course Sherlock was a beautifully intelligent man and also very handsome, but he was a complete lunatic. You let out a sigh of relief when you reach the café where you were to be having tea with one of your other friends. As you walk in the door you spot her sitting a few feet away and smile when she sees’s you. “________, over here!” She calls out and you smile as you quickly walk over and sit down beside her. “Oh what’s the matter you have that look about you?” She says as you order a cup of green tea. 

“I have had it up to here with him. You know what he called me this morning? He called my existence Mundane, I just wish I could wrap my hands around his throat and,” Before you are able to finish your sentence your phone goes off and you sigh. “Is that him?” Lily asks as she gives you a knowing smirk. “Who else would it be, I mean I can’t even go on a date nowadays because he is either constantly calling me or randomly showing up on my dates. It is utterly exhausting.” She smiles as she says, “Well what does he want now?” I roll my eyes as I pull my phone out and read the text. “I need you its an emergency – SH” You contemplate heading back to his flat but quickly decide against it as you close the phone and place it back into your pocket. 

“So?” Lily asks her face filled with the questions she wants to ask. “You know what, I’m not going. This is ‘me’ time and I want to enjoy my ‘me’ time with my best friend and a nice hot cup of tea.” She chuckles as she says, “You do realize that he is just going to keep texting you, don’t you?” You roll your eyes as your phone goes off again. “I’m not going to answer it, he can live a day without me.” “But can you live a day without him?” You tilt your head in confusion as you say, “Lily what on earth are you talking about?” She smiles knowingly as she says, “Oh come on; you know you’d be lost without him.” You eyes widen as you say, “Have you completely gone bonkers?” She rolls her eyes as she says, “You don’t get it do you, he only does that cause he likes you.” You laugh sarcastically as you start to say something only to have your phone go off again.

 Rolling your eyes you pull your phone back out and looking down at it see that you had two new messages both from him. “Unless you’re too busy – SH; Even if you’re too busy – SH.” You groan out in annoyance as you close the phone and drop your head down to lay on the tabletop. “You cannot tell me that you haven’t thought about him in some x rated kind of way?” Your head bolts upright as you say, “He’s my boss, of course I don’t think like that!” She raises and eyebrow as she says, “You do realize you can’t lie to me right? Because I can see it in the way you look at him.” “I only look at him like that because he is a beautifully talented individual with a brilliant mind.” She tilts her head and smiles as she says, “Sounds to me like you think more of him than you think.” 

You shake your head as you say, “Can we please talk about something else?” “When are you going to finally give in and tell him how you feel?” “Never, I will just continue to admire from afar; besides he wouldn’t look twice at me.” “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” She says as she glances across the street right as your phone goes off. Looking once again you find a message that says, “I hardly see how having tea as being too busy for me – SH.” “Is he outside?” You say as you close your eyes and clench your jaw. “Just on the other side of the street,” “Ugh, that’s it I’m done. I quit, I can’t take this anymore.” You say as you start to text him back only to have Lily take your phone and say, “Don’t do anything rash, you need this job remember.” “I don’t need this job that much; now give me my phone back!” She rolls her eyes as she says, “Fine, just don’t call me when you start to miss him.” 

“I won’t!” You say as you start grabbing your stuff and after placing some money on the table for the tea head across the street to where he was standing waiting patiently. “About time, I don’t like to be kept waiting.” He says once you reach him. “Mr. Holmes, I must regretfully inform you that as of now I am quitting. I’ll find a new place by the end of the week until then please do not notify me at all.” As you finish your sentence he stares at you confused for a moment then nods and turns and leaves you standing there alone. Your heart starts to clench as you watch him walk away. You quickly shake your head as you try to keep your emotions in tact as you make your way back to 221B Baker Street. When you reach the door you stare at it for a moment before you walk inside and look for Mrs. Hudson. 

“Mrs. Hudson?” You say as you close the door behind you. “I’m in the kitchen!” She hollers out from the room right off the stairs. You take a deep breath as you walk into her kitchen to see her making a fresh pot of tea. “What can I do for you?” You let out a sigh as you say, “I already informed Sherlock that as of today I no longer work for him. If you’ll allow me I only need a week to find a new flat.” She stops what she’s doing and turns toward you as she says, “Oh, well isn’t that a shame. May I ask why you decided to leave?” You sigh as you say, “I just can’t do it anymore. When I was given this job I was ecstatic to be working next to such a brilliant intellectual, but these past few months have been nothing but annoying and painstakingly hurtful.” She half smirks as she says, “What will you do now, not many people are hiring nowadays.” You sigh as you say, “I don’t know, maybe return to the countryside and work once again as an in house maid like I did when I was in college.” 

“How did Sherlock take it?” “Surprisingly indifferent, he just had this lost look on his face then disappeared down the street without so much as a word which is completely uncharacteristic for him.” You look up at Mrs. Hudson to see a look of knowing on her face and you say, “Mrs. Hudson is there something the matter?” She quickly shakes her head as she says, “You have as much time as you need to find another place to live.” You smile as you say, “Thank you Mrs. Hudson, um if you see Sherlock will you make sure he is alright. I’m going to go to my room and start looking through the help wanted ads.” She nods as she goes back to cleaning her kitchen. You quickly walk up the stairs past Sherlock’s flat and taking a quick glance at it let out a sigh. Your phone goes off and you look down half expecting it to be Sherlock but raise an eyebrow as you see John’s number show up.

“Hello?” You say as you answer it. “Has something happened to Sherlock?” “Not that I know of why?” “He just sent me a bunch of random texts saying that you had quit and were leaving, is this true?” You let out a sigh as you say, “Yes, I can’t do this anymore. All Sherlock does is drive me crazy; and I have other reasons why I am leaving.” “And they are?” “Are we really going to talk about this now?” “Look ________, Sherlock is my friend; if there are reasons regarding him as to why you’re leaving perhaps I can help you out.” “John, how did you do it?” “What do you mean?” “How did you deal with the constant texts and his inability to be truthfully sensitive?” “Oh, I think I understand now. You have feelings for him.” “I didn’t say that!” “You didn’t have too; look I understand your reasoning behind leaving but have you told him?” “What that I like him? No I can’t do that, he’s so brilliant and I’m just a normal girl.” “You know he may actually be rather fond of you, I propose you tell him how you feel.” “Sorry John but I have to go, thanks for the chat.” You quickly hang up your phone and finish walking up the stairs to your room closing the door tightly behind you. 

When you are alone you sink to the floor and let out a mournful sigh. All of the sudden you hear the front door open and then slamming hear footsteps head up the staircase toward you. You clench your jaw tight as you hope he doesn’t come to your door. You hear his door slam and you let out a sigh as you force yourself to stand and walking over to your bed throw yourself down on top of it. A few minutes pass before you hear Sherlock start playing his violin and you close your eyes as the music take you away. You didn’t want to leave not really but you didn’t have a choice. You couldn’t stay and hide your feelings forever, because one day he would meet someone and you would be all alone. No it was better that you left now. Sherlock’s violin starts to grow louder causing you to roll over and burry your head under the pillow as you try to block him out. 

A few minutes pass before you hear gunshots and jumping from your bed run downstairs and fling open his door to see him standing there randomly firing a gun at the wall. “What the hell are you doing?” You say as you walk into the room. “I was bored.” “Bored?! So you just randomly start firing a gun at the wall, what if the bullets went through into the building next to us?” “It won’t that wall is thick brick stone.” “That’s not the point. Ugh! You know what never mind!” You say as you start walking back toward the door. “Have you found a new job yet?” He says once you reach the door and you roll your eyes as you turn back to him and say, “Well considering its only been a couple of hours since I resigned, I haven’t really had a chance to look.” “You’ve had two hours to look for a new job yet you haven’t; why is that?” You raise an eyebrow as you say, “Maybe I have had some other things on my mind.” “And those would be?” “I don’t have to explain myself to you; and why do you care anyway?” He raises an eyebrow as he says, “I don’t just curious.” 

Your heart drops as you say, “Oh well then if you’ll excuse me I have to go look for a new place to live and as you so straightforwardly put it a new job.” You start to walk out of the room again when you hear him say, “What do you plan on doing? Heaven knows you’re over qualified for most of the jobs around here.” “I’m going to return to the country and be a maid, now if you’ll excuse me.” “Wait!” You turn back toward him a look of hope filling your eyes as you say, “Yes,” “Don’t go.” Your heart lightens as you say, “Why not?” “I don’t want you too.” “Why?” “I need you?” “Why?” “Must you keep asking me why?” “Yes I must, now why do you need me?” He rolls his eyes as he says, “Because I do,” “I’m gonna need a little more information then that Sherlock.” “I need you _______, I don’t trust anyone else nor do I care about anyone else.” You smile as you say, “It’s about time you said it. Did it really take me quitting, to get you to open up to me?” 

He smiles as he walks across the floor toward you and looking into deep into your eyes says, “So you’ll stay?” “How could I leave, now that I know you need me?” You say as a smile covers your face. He reaches up and gently tilts your chin up toward his as he says, “Do you need me?” “Nope, I want you.” He chuckles as he leans down and gently places his lips against yours sending a wave of passion through your body. “Ahem!” you hear someone clear there voice and turn to see Lily standing in the doorway and suddenly feel your face flush. “See I told you so.” She says a smile on her face. You roll you eyes as you turn back to see Sherlock biting his lip to keep from laughing. Perhaps staying with Sherlock wouldn’t be as bad as you thought. 

so i've been wanting to write this for a while but i've been worried about it oh well its done now. 

Tell me what you think by leaving me a comment!! :D

Sherlock belcongs to BBC and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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It was a very good story, and I enjoyed it. The only problem I has the technical stuffsh. You need to have a new paragraph every time somebody else speaks. It helps for clarification and flow. I used to write like that all the time and sometimes I can't tell who is talking in my own works! Just be sure to always check your spelling and grammar, punctuation and capitalization. (Friendly reminder, you didn't really have a problem here. That's why I liked this so much.)

But I do love you're choices of adjectives like "Beautifully intelligent." Vivid imagery is always key, and your adjectives project quite well.

Keep writing. You can only get better. :)
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I really enjoyed the story idea and I love how true to character Sherlock was it was nicely written. The only thing to work on is to have a larger idea. The looking for a job line was slightly repetitive. I think your use of words was well done. Also the idea has lots of potential pheraps you could write another story from this. Im sure it would have lots of views. Plus I'd love to read another piece of your work in Sherlock Holmes Reader Inserts. Very well done, keep writing you'll go places. All in all I loved it.
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