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     Twenty-two years had passed before you saw John Winchester again, you had heard through the demon grapevine that he was getting closer to Azazel. You had also heard that he was in danger. You instantly make your way to the place the Demon’s said he was. You found him in Manning Colorado; he was sitting at the bar when you walked through the door. He glances up from his glass of whiskey and his eyes widen as he sees you. “______?” You see his lips mouth as you make your way over to him. “Hello John,” You say as you sit down across from him. “What are you doing here?” He asks his brown eyes looking you up and down. You reach over and grabbing his glass you take a drink of it. “John, you’re gonna get yourself killed.” You say as you swish the ice around in the cup. “If I die I’ll make sure to take that demon with me.” Your heart clenches as you say, “John, he’ll kill you before he ever lets you get close enough.”

“How do you know that?” He says and your eyes flick up to see his staring at you quizzically. “John, I know him.” You see the anger rush into his face as he says, “What?” You take a deep breath as you say, “He’s my brother John,” He stiffens in his seat and you roll your eyes as you say, “I’m not a Demon John, I don’t know what I am.” You look into his eyes and see that he doesn’t believe you. “Do you have any holy water on you?” You ask and he pulls a flask out of his coat pocket. You quickly unscrew the cap and let out a sigh as you bring it up to your lips and start to drink it. Swallowing you close the flask and hand it back to him. “See, not a Demon.” He lets out a sigh as he says, “Then what are you?” You shrug your shoulders as you say, “I don’t know, I just know that I was created for an unknown purpose.”

He raises an eyebrow as he says, “Well since you’re here why don’t you help me. An old acquaintance of mine was killed by vamps and they took the only thing that can kill a demon. Do you think you can help me find the nest?” You look at him his dark brown eyes pleading with you. “Even though you’re the sister of that thing, I trust you. I have trusted you from the very moment you pulled me out of that fire.” His eyes sadden at the thought and your heart clenches. “Fine, I’ll help you get the weapon; but you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone about what I am.” He nods and then smiles as he says, “You know you haven’t aged a day since I last saw you.” Your face flushes pink as you say, “I don’t age.”  He raises an eyebrow as he says, “If you don’t mind me asking then, how old are you?” You look up at the ceiling and try to think of the exact number, “I don’t know, a few centuries?” He choked on his drink as he tried not to spit whiskey everywhere. “Really?” You smile as you say, “Yes,” He smiled back at you and something inside your heart pinged.

This was the first time he had ever smiled at you, and you liked it. “Come on, let’s go find that nest.” He says and your smile fades. As you stand he wraps his arm around your lower back and your body flushes at his touch. This was probably just a friendly gesture but it was the first time any man had touched you. If you had still been in hell Lilith would have ripped apart anyone who even got close to you. He leads you out of the bar and to a black GMC pickup truck. He opens passenger side door for you and you give him a quick smile as you climb inside. The two of you quickly make your way too his hotel and when you pull up outside something catches your eye. “Hey, isn’t that your old Impala?” You say as you look back at him to see him smiling. “Yeah, I gave it to my oldest son.” Your memory flashes back to that night and the little boy with the green eyes and you smile. “I haven’t seen your children since that night.” You say as you look down at your hands. As he pulls the truck into the parking spot you take a sharp breath. “Come on, it’s about time you saw the boys.”

‘Boy’s?’ You say to yourself as you slowly climb out of the truck and make your way over to him. He holds his hand out for you to take and you stare at it like it was a foreign object. He smiles and says, “I take it you didn’t have very much physical contact where you grew up.” You half smile as you say, “My sister wouldn’t let anyone near me, and no one goes against her.” Your eyes try to tear up at the thought of her. You quickly shake them away and say, “Anyway, let’s find that weapon.” He smiles and then opens the door to reveal two men in their twenties sitting inside. The two of the jump up when John walks through the door, then give him weird looks when you walk in after him. “Who’s this dad?” You follow the voice to the shorter of the two brothers, his short brown hair spiked. You take notice of his green eyes and smile inside as you remember the little boy who held you were crying. He had grown into quite the handsome young man.

“Boy’s this is an old friend of mine, _______, _______, this is Sam and,” “Dean,” you said out loud without noticing it. “How do you know my name?” You look back at John and as he nods you say, “It’s been a long time. I still remember you promising me something one fateful night.” Dean’s eyes widen as he says, “______, I remember now.” He looks you up and down then turns to his father. “Dad, What is she?” Your heart clenches as his words stab you. “What she is doesn’t matter Dean, she’s going to help me kill yellow eyes.” You look over at the taller brother and see his brown eyes examine your every move. “Are you serious? What if she’s a Demon?!” Dean yells out causing your heart tighten even more. “She’s not a Demon Dean, She’s a friend!” John yells startling the three of us. “It’s okay John,” you say finding your voice. You slowly turn toward Dean and say, “I’m not a demon, but my family are. I am here because I owe it to your father to help him avenge your mother. Once that is done you never have to see me again.” Dean looks down as he nods.

You look over at Sam and say, “So you’re the one, I have to say you definitely grew since the last time I saw you.” Sam smiles politely as he says, “Thank you.” You nod and then turn back to John. “I should go I’m making them uncomfortable.” “Nonsense they’ll get over it.” John says as he leads you over to a table where he had a map laid out. You glance back to see Dean throw his hand up into the air and then storm out of the room. “Let me talk to him.” John says as he gently touches your arm. You nod and then watch as he follows his son outside. “I’m sorry,” Sam says as he walks up beside you. You turn to look at him and see the sadness in his eyes. “I’m sorry,” You say as you sit down in the chair. “Why are you sorry?” Sam says looking at you with confusion. “I wasn’t able to protect your mom from my family.” Sam takes a few steps back as he says, “I thought you said you weren’t a demon?” You look up and seeing the panic in his eyes quickly say, “I’m not, I promise I’m not a demon.”

He raises an eyebrow and you sigh. “I was created from Lucifer’s blood, I am his true daughter. The demons however are another of my father’s creations, I am nothing like them.” As you say the last part you feel a knot well up in your chest and tears try to form in your eyes. “So you’re Lucifer’s daughter?” “One of them,” He nods and then says, “So you were there that night, the night my mom died.” Your heart sinks as you say, “Yes, I carried you and your father out.” “You carried us out?” you turn toward him and nod. “I only wish I could have saved your mother too.” Sam nods and then says, “I lost my girlfriend to yellow eyes too.” Your head snaps toward him and clenching your fists so tight your knuckles were turning white. An unseen wind started to blow around the room as your temper grew. “I need a moment.” You say as you walk out the motel room door and out into the parking lot passing Dean and John’s confused looks.

The wind starts to pick up as lightning and thunder join it. Images of Azazel flash through your mind making your anger rise. “______, what’s wrong?” John yells out as he starts to move closer to you. “I am going to rip his lungs out myself!” You yell out into the sky. “Who?” John says as he inches closer to you. “Azazel!” You scream out making the lightning strike a tree near you. Before anything else could happen you are whipped around to face John. “Calm down, we will get him together.” He says his face inches from yours. ‘______, calm down.’ You hear the voice say and your body instantly relaxes. ‘Who are you?’ you ask the voice without opening your mouth. The voice remained silent. “Are you okay?” John asks and you nod. He walks you back toward the motel room and then hands you a beer. You quickly down it and take a deep breath, “Better?” Sam asks and you nod. “Thank you John.” You say as you chastise yourself for losing your temper.

“I’m sorry, when I get mad I can’t control it.” He nods and then walks back over to the table followed by Dean. “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you helping us?” You feel your heart clench and looking up see them all staring at you, “Ever since my father left my family has become wild and crazy with power. They used to just torture the souls of hell, now they have moved on to deals and murder. I on the other hand don’t care much for any of that; I just want my father back.” You clench your jaw to keep from crying. “I understand believe me, that’s why we are after yellow eyes.” Sam says and you remain quiet not looking up from your hands, “Let’s take that bastard out before he hurts anyone else.” You hear Dean say and you turn to see him staring at you. You nod and the walking to the table say, “So where do we find the nest?”

The four of you quickly plan out your moves and then you say, “Why don’t I act as bait?” “No!” John immediately says and you stare at him a confused look covering your face. “Why not? It will help us locate them faster.” You say staring at the oldest Winchester. “Because I said so.” He says still not looking up at you. You clench your fists at your side and say, “And who are you to tell me what to do?” Your anger starts to rise as your fingernails dig into your palms. “_______, I’m not gonna use you as bait and that’s that!” You slam your hands on the table making it crash to the floor in a pile of splinters. Dean and Sam stare at you with wide eyes while John just looks at you with an unimpressed look. “You done?” He says as he kneels down and starts picking up the maps and papers.

Your (E/C) eyes start to glow a bright mixture of blue and green making Sam and Dean step back away from you in fear. “Can I speak to you outside?” You say turning on your heels and walking outside the motel room. Moments later John walks out of the motel room and walks over to you his annoyance clear on his face. “What do you want to talk about?” “John, I am not your child! You cannot tell me what I can and cannot do! If I want to put myself in danger then I will, I don’t need your permission!” His brown eye shine with anger as he says, “______, I’m not going to let you put yourself in that situation! What do we do if you get hurt or worse killed?” Your eyes return to their (E/C) as you say, “Why do you care? I could understand if you new me but you don’t, so why?” He looks down at his feet as he says, “Because I owe you, you saved my life and if something happens to you,” He pauses for a moment before he says, “Look let’s just get the colt and get this over with.” He looks up into your eyes and you see something you hadn’t before.

His eyes are filled with and unknown emotion, one you had never seen before. You open your mouth to say something but instantly close it. “Okay now let’s go back inside and wait for a lead.” You nod and look away from his eyes as you try to calm an unknown feeling in your chest. “I’ll be in in a second. I just need to clam my temper.” He nods and then walks back inside the motel room leaving you alone outside to breathe. “I see you found the Winchesters.” You hear a male voice and you turn to see Azazel standing a few feet away from you. “What are you doing here?” You say as you turn toward him. He smiles vindictively at you making your skin crawl. “I just want to know what you think you’re doing. You know your sister has been very worried about you these past twenty some odd years. She wants to know when you’re coming home.”

Your temper starts to grow making the wind whip around you like you were caught in a storm. “When father is released, I will return.  Not a moment sooner.” Azazel’s yellow eyes stare at you with that same unknown look he had when we were younger and your skin starts to crawl. “That’s a shame,” He slowly closes the distance between the two of you, when he is a few inches away he leans into your face and says; “I have missed you. Hell has lost its greatest treasure since you left.” He reaches up and runs his fingers through your hair making your stomach churn. You instantly reach up and grab his hand and pull it away from you. “Don’t ever touch me again.” You turn and start to walk away when he says, “You know he’s going to die. They all are, its fathers wish.”

You freeze in your footsteps and say, “I’m not going to let anymore of them die.” You turn back toward him your eyes burning with rage. “I will help them kill you.” Azazel’s eyes fill with sadness as he says, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” You raise an eyebrow at him in a mixture of shock and confusion. Your whole life you had never heard him apologize for anything, or seen his eyes like that. You look back at the motel room that held the Winchesters and sigh. “Wait a minute!” Azazel says as he stomps over to you. “You love him, the father!” You look at him confused and say, “I have only loved two people my entire life and they are father and Lilith.” Azazel rolls his eyes as he says, “You have no idea what love is do you?” You open your mouth to argue but nothing comes out.

“I knew it; I will make sure he suffers greatly before I kill him!” “You won’t touch him!” You scream out as you reach up fling him backwards onto the ground. You stand firm in between him and the Winchester’s motel room. “I swear on my father if you hurt a hair on John’s head I will greatly enjoy torturing you for all eternity!” Without another word Azazel disappeared leaving you standing there your anger pulsing through your body. ‘______, you must protect the Winchester’s. They are destined for greatness as are you.’ You revel in the voice as it speaks to you. “Who are you? Please tell me.” The voice remains quiet. “Why do you only chime in when you want to?” The silence continues. “The only way I can protect John and the boys is to sacrifice myself for them.” You say as you take one last look at the motel room then turn and make your way down the highway.
I hope you guys like this part it was a bit hard to write but oh well on to the next one.

SPN belongs to Kripke and WArner Bros


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This Is Acctully A Good Story I Like it so Far! I Recomded this To all People who Love Supernatural A Good story Lucifer or Anything Like This But then again I'm the Supernatural Fangirl! I Love this so far And For anyone who looks Like Dean And Sam Jensen and Jared you guys Rock As the Supernatural Franchise! that everyone Wants to be Stubborn Not Affraid and exc As For Me i Blame you Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester I'm Scared of Clowns and Flying judiding by How Many Children hate Clowns That Is Why Carry On my wayward Son
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This is a really good story, love everything about it
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