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August 15, 2013
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When you wake up you are lying in one of the motel beds alone. You look around to see John sitting at a new table in the kitchen part of the room. Sam was asleep in bed next to yours and Dean was asleep on the couch. Sitting up you run a hand through your (H/L) (H/C) and remember the night before and scowl as you chastise yourself for being fragile in front of them.

“I see your awake now, how are you feeling?” You look up to see John looking over at you his face filled with concern. Slowly you climb out of the bed and walk over to him and sit down in a chair next to his and say as you fold your legs up against your chest, “I’m sorry you had to see that.” He brushes it off as he says, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not the first time it’s happened.” You half smile as you say, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get you the colt.” His face changes expressions as he says, “Like I said don’t worry about it, we have another plan to get it.”

You watch as he tries to hide the anger in his voice by coughing as he straightens the papers in front of him. “Have I done something wrong?” You ask as you wrap your arms around your legs. “Why’d you go after the gun by yourself? You could have gotten killed!” He says in a loud whisper. You look down at your feet and say, “I was trying to protect you and the boys.” “You got caught and we ended up having to save you, how is that protecting us?” You open your mouth to say something but end up closing it and burying your face in your lap to keep from losing your temper. “_________, look at me.” You shake your head as you keep your face buried in your lap.

The next thing You know you feel his hand lift your face up to see his. “What were you thinking?” “I’m sorry,” You say as you stand up and walk toward the door. Before you are able to reach it John grabs your arm and turning you back to face him says, “Where do you think you’re going? That vamp has your scent, you can’t just,” “I can’t what John?” You say out loud as your anger finally gets the best of you. “You have to remember I’m older than you I can take care of myself!” You jerk your arm out of his hand as he yells, “Oh really, it didn’t really seem like that when Dean found you tied up and covered in blood!” You wince at remember the previous day.

“I don’t need this crap!” You say and then as you turn to the door you hear John say, “Don’t you walk out that door!” Whipping around your eyes turn a mixture of green and blue as you yell out a little louder then you should have, “I’m not a child and I damn sure aren’t yours, so don’t tell me what to do!” “__________!” You hear John yell out as you run out the front door and into the woods across from the motel room. After you are sure he didn’t follow you, you throw yourself to the ground and let out a loud yell that makes the sky light up as lightning dances across it. Tears fill your eyes as you say, “Daddy I miss you, and I wish you would come back to me.”

You bring your legs up to your chest and wrapping your arms around them say, “Are you there?” You wait for the voice to respond but all you hear is silence. You bury your face into your lap as you continue to cry. “__________?” You hear from behind you and turn to see Dean standing a few feet away. “Dean, what are you doing here?” You say as you avoid his eyes. “I was worried about you,” he says as he walks over and leans down beside you. “You okay?” You look up into his green eyes and say, “Why are you being so nice to me?” He clenches his jaw as he says, “I don’t know,” You start to look away as he says, “You just seemed like you needed a friend.”

You turn back toward him confusion covering your face. “You want to be my friend? Why?” He smirks as he says, “Well I like you; you’re kind of a badass.” You let out a small giggle as you say, “I’ll take that as a compliment.” Smiling he stands and holds his hand out to you, “You should.” Taking his hand you say, “Then I will.” As he pulls you up you step on a sharp rock and fall forward into his chest knocking him to the ground with a loud thump. “OW!” You say in unison and then you look down to see him smiling and smile. “I’m sorry,” “A little clumsy aren’t you?” You roll your eyes as you stand up and then hold your hand for him to take it.

He reaches up and as he takes your hand, you once again feel that unknown emotion fill your body. Once he is standing he doesn’t release your hand, he tightens his grip on it as he starts to walk back toward the motel. You look down at his hand still gently holding yours and smile. You feel your face flush pink as he leads you back to the motel to see John and Sam standing by the Impala talking. When you reach them Sam turns toward the two of you and looks down at Dean holding your hand and clenches his jaw.

“I see you were able to bring her back.” John says as he walks over and hugs you. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” You release Dean’s hand as you wrap your arms around John and say, “I’m sorry too.” Releasing you he looks at his boys and says, “Let’s go get the colt.” You force a smile and try not to cry as a bad feeling fills your stomach. “Okay let me go change,” “Umm we had to throw your clothes away,” Sam says his eyes not meeting yours. “Oh, then what am I going to wear?” You ask as you look around at the men. “Well,” Dean says as he runs a hand through his short brown hair.

You stand there waiting for his reply but one doesn’t come. Rolling your eyes you walk back into the motel room and start going through the dressers. You pull out a flannel shirt and smiling as you slip it over your head leaving the front part open to reveal the Metallica shirt they had given you the night before. “Pants?” You say as you realize that your only looking through men’s clothes. You smile as you look around to make sure you are alone and then reaching up snap your fingers and look down to see a new pair of blue skinny jeans appear on your legs. You pucker your lips as you look around the room for your boots and find them next to the door. 

Walking over to them you see the door open to reveal Sam walking in. “Oh sorry, I was just,” You smile as he fumbles for his words. “It’s okay Sam,” Twirling around you say, “How do I look?” He smiles as he says, “You look great, even though that is my shirt.” You smile as you say, “It’s mine now.” You watch as his face blushes and he turns away from you, reaches down and picks up your boots and hands them to you. “Here, are you hungry?” As you take your boots you shake your head, “I don’t eat, well not that much anyway.” He raises an eyebrow as he says, “Okay, well you ready to go?” Nodding you follow him out the door to see Dean and John deep in conversation. You raise an eyebrow as their conversation ends when you walk up to them.

“You ready to go?” Something catches your eye and you turn to see the dark headed vampire sitting in the passenger seat of John’s truck. “What’s going on?” You say as you look back at them your eyes wide. “We’re going to trade her for the colt.” Dean says not meeting your eyes. “Are you crazy? He’s not going to trade the gun for her! Even if he did he would kill you after the trade.” You look at them and see the carelessness in their eyes and your heart clenches and your anger rises as you turn from them and walk over to the passenger side of the truck and right as you are about to open the door you feel yourself being pulled back. You look back to see John pulling you away from the truck and your eyes widen.

“Let me go!” You say as you rip your arm out of his hand. “I’m just trying to keep you from getting killed!” All of the sudden you feel a strange feeling come over you and reaching up you snap your fingers sending them backwards, pinning them against the Impala. When they slam against the car you feel your body become yours again and you shake your head, “What? I didn’t do that.” You say as you look around your eyes wide. ‘Take the girl and go! You hear the voice say and your body reacts on its own opening the door and pulling her out of the car. “I’m sorry boys but I made a promise to protect you and I’m going to keep it.” “_____ stop!” You hear Dean say and you freeze, then turning back to him say, “I’m sorry Dean, Go save those innocent people. I will get the gun I promise.”

You grab the back of the woman’s shirt and disappear to the sounds of wings fluttering around you. When you are sure you are near the vampire nest, you look forward to see the lead Vampire standing a few feet away by his car. “I see you came back to me.” You smile as you say, “I came back, but not for you. I want my gun.” You watch as he smiles, “Oh really and what are you going to do if I say no?” You smile wickedly and conjure up a machete as you say, “I’ll send your pretty little girlfriend to hell!” His smile fades as you gently set the machete next to her throat. “Well, do we have a deal?” You watch as he clenches his jaw and pulls out the colt. “Don’t do it Luther!” You hear the brunette girl say as she tries to struggle free from your grasp.

“Shut up Kate,” Luther says and you smile as you say, “So your name is Luther, I’ll have to remember that.” He tilts his head in confusion as he says, “And why would you do that?” You turn your eyes black as you say, “Just want to know who I will be killing in the future.” “You’re a Demon?” you smile as you say, “Oh honey, I’m far worse than a Demon. Now give me the gun and maybe I’ll think about letting you go.” He sets the gun on the ground and then right as You are about to release Kate, John shows up from behind you and you roll your eyes. “You know you may be a demon but he’s just a human.” You glance back to Luther to see him smiling devilishly.

“What are you doing here John?” You say not looking back at him. “I’m here for the gun that’s all.” You nod as you say, “Okay, pick it up and get out of here.” Right as John picks up the gun Kate breaks free of her bonds and shoves you and John backwards. You fall to the ground right as John is slammed into the front bumper of his truck. All of the sudden Luther jumps John punching him in jaw sending him flying into his door. As he falls to the pavement shattered glass falls down around him. “John!” You yell as you stand and start to make your way over to him. “Ugh!” you hear a voice moan out and turn to see one of the vampire women shot with an arrow throw the chest.

You look into the woods to see Dean and Sam running toward the two you. You make your way over to John and shaking him try to wake him up. “Don’t! I’ll break his neck. Put the blade down.” You hear Luther say and turn to see him holding Sam in a chokehold and Dean standing in front of them Machete in hand. Your face blanches as you try to move to help them, but your body won’t respond. As Dean drops the machete you hear Luther say, “You people, why can’t you just leave us alone. We have as much right to live as you do.” “I don’t think so.” You hear from behind you and turn see John standing there the colt in hand lifted ready to fire.

As Luther turns around John fires the gun and you watch as it hits Luther between the eyes making him release Sam. You watch as Luther falls to his knees his body lighting up like a flash of light. “Luther!” You hear Kate scream out and then start after John only to be pulled back by another vampire and urged into a car. You watch silently as they drive away a new fear rising in your stomach. If they knew what you were would they use this gun on you? “Come on lets go.” John says as he turns toward you and holds his hand out for you to take. Reaching up you try not to let him see the fear in your eyes. “Boy’s __________ going to ride back with me. We’ll meet you at the motel.” You glance back to see the boys not looking at you and your heart sinks.

You walk over to the other side of the truck and climb inside. You start to worry when John decides to take the long way back to the motel. “Are you okay?” You ask when you finally look over at him. “I’ll be fine.” He says without looking over to you. “John, I was trying to protect you by not having you guys out there.” He nods as he says, “I know but if this is going to work we’ll need to work together. Especially since I won’t have the boys with me.” You tilt your head as you look over at him.

“John they have every right to help kill Azazel, I know you want to protect them believe me so do I; but don’t you think if you don’t include them they won’t just go after him on their own?” John opens his mouth to argue then closes as he realizes You are right. “John they have been preparing for this their whole lives just give them a chance.” He nods and then says, “Okay, I’ll work with them. I just want you to promise me one thing.” He says and you turn toward him with a questioning look on your face as you say, “What?”

“If something happens to me, I want you to protect Dean and Sam. Will you do that for me.” You half smile as you say, “Well considering you’re not going anywhere I don’t think I will have to do that but yes, I promise to protect the boys.” He reaches over and gently lays his hand on yours. “Thank you ______.” “You’re welcome.” We ride he rest of the way back to the motel in silence. When we arrive you slowly follow him in to the motel room and stand back as he has a conversation with the boys. “Boys,” he says as he walks over to the boys as they pack their bags. “Yes sir,” Sam says as he and Dean stand at attention before their father. “You ignored a direct order back there.” “Yes sir,” Sam says then Dean chimes in with, “Well we saved your ass,”

You watch from the doorway to make sure John and the boys don’t get into a fight when you hear John say, “Yeah, you’re right.” Dean looks shocked as he says, “I am?” “It scares the hell outta me, you two are all I’ve got. But I guess we are stronger as a family. So, we go after this dam thing together.” You smile as the boys say in unison, “Yes sir.” Then John turns and looking at you says, “What do you say? You wanna join us?” You look over at the three men that god had decided to bring into your life and smile. “Of course I want in.” The three men smile as you walk over and wrap your arm around John's shoulders say, “Let’s kick Azazel’s ass!”
SPN Belongs to Kripke and Warner Bros

i hope you guys like this part it was a bit of a pain to write but the next part will be better i promise. :D


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